Monday, September 10, 2007

Dim sum affair

Went “yum cha” at this Majestic Restaurant last Saturday. Their dim sum is alright, not as good as the one we frequent. We decided to go there only for one thing….


Durian Pastry!!!

Yeah, Majestic is the only place in Wellington I know that offer this yummy durian pastry. It is effectively a fried fresh durian…just like those “pisang goreng” we have back in Malaysia but with durian filling instead of banana. So yum that it would melt your heart out the minute you put it in your mouth....*slurp*

Of course, besides durian pastry, I also enjoyed my beloved Portuguese egg tart and the BBQ pork pastry. And no, I didn’t forget about you Misti who kept checking out my fridge for egg tart, and also Winn, you wanted one too right? Oh, you want two? Sorry wor, I only get one for each of you. See if Misti want to donate hers to you or not lah. hehehehe

So there you go, as promised Portuguese egg tarts for you two. One each…Hehehehe Enjoy!

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misha said...

i also want a piece of egg tart!

Liwan said...

the durian pastry looks too good to be true...and the egg tart...
*drowning in my own pool of drool...*

Chen said...

o.O Wahhhh.....u can even get durian pastry in New Zealand? Syiok nya :D

Wennnn said...

Durian pastry?? I ahve not try b4 wor!! Hmmm shud be nice hor!

mistipurple said...

hahahhahaaa. *exchanges one egg tart for the durian pastry*
*runsssssssss fast fast, doreen cannot catch me!*
*takes another durian puff for winnliu too!!!!!*

hahahhahahaahhaaa i feel so mean typing that! paiseh. so bratty. :P

may said...

woooo, durian pastry! I doubt they'll ever serve them here in Sydney's yumcha restaurants.

I want egg tart too! can? nyummmm...

eastcoastlife said...

Where do they get the durian? Import from Malaysia or Thailand? Should taste heavenly for you since it's the only place to have durian pastry.

Wah! I want the egg tart too. kekeke....

Chen said...

btw, u r tagged.

Doreen said...

You also want egg tart? I don't have any left, next time k? Sorry...

Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes when my friends introduced me to it last time. I wonder why Singapore/Malaysia doesn't have it, or may be they have?

Yep, durian pastry in NZ. Don't know who started the idea...emm....wonder if we can have rambutan pastry, or nangka pastry? Hehehe

Doreen said...

It is very yummy. May be you can try make it yourself since you're a good cook? Don't forget to save some for me hor if you do make some. Hehehe

So now you ditched egg tart for durian pastry huh? This mistipurple naughty leh, now don't want egg tart liao. Naughty but CUTE! (^_^) *Doreen running real hard to chase Misti with egg tart in one hand*

Doreen said...

Hey, you never know leh. Better start hopping to all Chinese Restaurant one by one. Hehehe

You also want egg tart ar....ok, put you down the list.

They import durian from Thailand. We can easily get durian from Chinese grocery shop, frozen one lah imported from Thailand, those "golden pillow" ones. 100% good one leh!

*Adding ECL on the To-Give-Egg-Tart list*

Thanks for the tag. Emmmm...need to think hard. will do it soon. (^_^)

Jackson said...

ooh...durian...??? u caught me again!!