Friday, September 07, 2007

Hong Kong night

The true vibrancy of this Pearl of the Orient begins to stir when it dons its cloak of dusk with dazzling neon lights adorning the vivacious city. It is a true celebration of the end of day and the beginning of a new day!

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Adding to the already incredible panorama, at 8pm every night, the spectacular Symphony of Lights show with laser beams and lights bouncing off skyscrapers from both sides of the harbour synchronised to music would definitely have you bouncing off your seat. This 20 minutes glamorous multimedia display with 43 buildings taking part has been named the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by Guinness World Records. Definitely a great indulgence and a must see in Hong Kong!

Unfortunately, almost all the mpegs I recorded are too big to be allowed in You Tube. So, can only share with you this one and only.

Yeah, it is indeed the most boring part out of the bunch (-_-), but I am sure there are better ones in You Tube (^_^)

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may said...

wow, what light displays! really cool. thanks for that short glimpse of the show... :)

Chen said...

东方之珠 manyak cantik. I lup :)

mistipurple said...

still looking for my egg tart. know it's somewhere in the fridge. :P kkkk. *sampat*

the lights are so cool and so are you, and the handsome husband beside! now, may i have those egg tarts pleeze?

Winn said...

i also want egg tart!
wah. so nice the lights. this la , like this baru is guiness world record ma...
msia got a lot of its own records. *chuckles*

syok sendiri's..:P

Doreen said...

You're much welcome! (^_^)

Indeed! Indeed!

Har? Still not over it yet meh? Aiyo, you make me want to eat also lah. I will go yum cha later so bring back some for you k?

Winn you also want egg tart? okok, note it down.
*Doreen putting Winn on the "to get egg tart for" list* hehehe

The Symphony is even much better to watch in person!

ilovepearly said...

Hong Kong Night view is breath taking, I love to sit there and just enjoy the view~

Doreen said...

I also want to do that again.....

Anonymous said...

nice nice photos .. Misha loves to go to Avenue of Stars during winter. It is the best time to go :)

have a nice weekend!

Wennnn said...

Nice shots of HK wor!! Hmmm I wan to go bek there again!! My trip there last time was too short!!

Doreen said...

Misha, you have a good day ya (^_^)

HK is very beautiful. I also want to go back again. 1 week too short!

mistipurple said...

came back for egg tart. hahahhaa.
runs aways before kena smacked by egg tarts.
*grabs one for winnliuliu whilst running*

Jackson said...

i told myself not to visit yr blog these days until u finish yr HK review.. but i regret after i "accidentally" click on it.... u make me wanna go to HK so so so so so so so much!! Tell me how to solve this problem now... :(

Doreen said...

Aiya, this misti really not giving up huh! Too much egg tart later you become egg tart lah! Hehehe.

Aiyo....dunno what to say sorry for you...Hehehee. Quick quick go book ticket to HK and problem solved? Hehehehe