Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hong Kong Day 6: Finale

Alright, final instalment of my Hong Kong trip! I know, it’s kinda boring. We didn’t do much on our last day there, so not much to share, and not many photos too. This is strictly for the sake of completeness. I just don’t like doing things half half and leaving it hanging there like that. So, bear with me.

We didn’t do much of sightseeing or any intensive shopping today but decided to eat our heart out at CafĂ© Rendezvous, located in our hotel upon checking-out. They offered this international buffet lunch for HK$158++ per person. Quite reasonable we thought. We headed off to the airport after lunch, did a bit of shopping there and wondering around taking pictures and flew off.

Hong Kong is such a wonderful place full of its characters. The people, food and spectacular night scenes are just amazing and not to forget a shopping heaven! We had enjoyed our stay despite the weather, and we are comtemplating of going back next year, definitely not in their summer this time!

So, goodbye Hong Kong, for now. We'll be back! *The Terminator style* Hehehe

More photos here if you're keen.

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Chen said...

Dunno when I can visit HK tim...

i have an aunty (paternal side) in HK in the past but i never get the chance to meet her. i dunno how she looks like either. She has passed away liao if i didn't remember wrongly.

everydayhealy said...

LOL! why everyone is busy traveling? What am I doing at home, then! So boring! :(

Anyway, welcome back! :)

Winn said...

who said boring?

i smell 'interesting' thats why i m here.

there u go,one more holiday came and gone. time to plan for another one. anyway ., u still got churchchill to blog abt leh:P

L B said...

hahaha... doreen the jet-setter! Hey, I had a great time in Hong Kong too, and we tapaued a roast goose from the airport as well! Yummy!

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, nice pics. Brought back memories to me re HK airport when we had to transit 6 hours few years back. But love the airport design.
Hey, lots of your pics shows you eating. How you maintain that fabulous figure of yours?
So? Next trip? Hawaii? Ahhh, then got bikini pics to motivate us, arhaaa ha ha.
Hasta la vista, UL.

eastcoastlife said...

That was a great week in HK! Lots of delicious food and sites. I'll definitely look for the mango pudding. Thanks for the tips in your post. :) Hugzzz...

*counting down to my HK trip*

Doreen said...

Sorry to hear about your aunty, and you didn't get a chance to meet her too :(

Malaysia to Hong Kong is such a short flight away I'm sure your next trip can be easily arrange. (^_^)

Haha. Thanks! It's time you plan for your holiday! Wait no more!

Thanks for your support ler Winn. Yeah, one holiday finished, emm....where should I go next har....hehehehe. Yep, Christchurch trip will be up soon! (^_^)

l b:
huh? Can tapaued roast goose from the airport? Aiyo, I didn't know leh. Aiya, never pass the NZ custom anyway. They so bloody strict.

Hello uncle lee! Yeah, the airport design is very modern. I like! haha, actually hor, I'm fat just that I hide them away! haha. Also may be beacause eat small portion only thought I eat many different stuff.

Next trip? Errr....dunno yet leh, probably back to Kuching gua.

You're most welcome! I hope you enjoy your up-coming trip and shop till you drop. Hehehe *hugsss*

may said...

I'm more fascinated with your glasses than what you're eating! heheh! nice pair, those.

been awhile since I went to HK, I'd forgotten how it's like. save me a bit of that buffet!