Monday, September 17, 2007

Quick update

Just came back from Christchurch!

A lot of blogs to read, facebook activities to respond, emails to reply. Thank you all!

Will blog soon. Muaksss!

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Winn said...

chupa chup!!

so u went holiday again!

ya me also ...duno whther to facebook or blog...many thiungs to do. my laundry still waiting for me to selesai...but i dam lazy...

i think we need more sleep now, then we start again lor.

Chen said...

welcome back doreen.
so syiok lah u.
Go hols again :D

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Christchurch. i'll wait for your posts. :)

zewt said...

from busy busy HK to the serene of NZ... what a change eh?

L B said...

Have a nice cuppa tea, and then immerse yourself into a nice book, first! :-) Then, business later, ya?

may said...

woooo, looking forward to your holiday photos! *hugs*

mistipurple said...

yes yes must rest first then come back to blogland. *waits for doreen* *holds doreen's leg tight tight* kkkk

Doreen said...

So you got enough sleep or not? Me all freshed and energetic leh! Aiya, just do both Facebook and Blog lah. If cannot do both, Blog better lah. I like your writing mah. Hehehe

Thanks Chen! Aiya, this holiday got very important mission one leh. Not main main one. hehehehe

Yes, Christchurch! Will post soon!

Yeah, indeed! Life in Christchurch is very, I mean VERY s....l....o...w...

l b:
l b!! Just had my dinner, will have my cuppa with mooncake soon. hehehe. you want some? Hehehe

will try to post it soon lah but I still got one more post for HK boh. Hehehe.

*hug Mat May tight tight until she cannot breath*

okok, don't hold too tight ya, later my leg got blood clog. hehehe. Muaks!