Sunday, October 07, 2007


Rick was playing all these songs by 小虎队 this morning while I was blogging suddenly brought me back to my childhood, and my teenage years. The time when I was just a kid, full of dreams and was always busy building castles in the air. There were a lot of daydreaming in classes, a lot of laughters and tears, a lot of challenges and disppointments. Life then was just pure and mobile, no msn, no internet, no clubbing but songs that had always carried me through the good times and bad times.....

Dance with me? (^_^)

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By the way, I am all good, just a bit swelling on my right face....can still give you a smile lah (^_^)


may said...

can't see swelling wor... you still look beaaauuuutiful and hawwwtttt!! ;-)

L B said...

Pretty smile for a Sunday! Nice songs, though I must have been in the wrong Twilight Zone..

mistipurple said...

you look pretty. no swell no swell. wah, 3 extractions of wisdom teeth! *faints*

the songs are all so innocent. i remember those times too, though i don't recognise all of them. but the main rhythm is there. *wink*
i think i must have been in secondary school. so much of life ahead. *whispers* i wasted alot of my life. :.(

Chen said...

I love those songs too..
I had written a post a year ago and included in the song 红蜻蜓 by 小虎隊. Reminiscing those old days.. So fast one year flies...

p/s: can't see any swelling on your face leh :)

alicia said...

hey... leng nui... u cut your hair???????? too stress ar/??? yeah... during our schooling time... we both exchanged the celebrities photos and magazine cut out.... still remember???? always dream one day will be pretty like them..... *dream dream dream*......

Doreen said...

Can't see meh? May be the photo not clear, I could see it in the mirror wor. I'm not pretty lah, and not even hawt. I'm cold!

l b:
never mind, now you've seen the MVs, you're now in the right channel liao. Hehehe

3 extraction through out the years lah, not at once of course. If all 3 at once, you would be looking at a pig head. Muahahaha

No lah Misti, I'm sure you've done a lot in your life so far and you've gain lotsa knowledge from what I could read from you blog lah.

oh, i better quick quick go read your post then. Seems like you like 小虎隊 too eh? Hehehhe

You also can't see swelling? 難道是我心理作用

huh? No lah, I didn't cut my hair lah, I pulled my hair back only. Short hair high maintenance leh.

Yeah, I remember those days, we so siao about those pretty and handsome celebrities hor? So naive but those times were sweet. Hehehe

Till today, I still dream of becoming pretty like them leh...still waiting for this dream to come true...*start dreaming again liao...*

keeyit said...

You cut short hair ? Look more fresh with this hairstyles..

I listen to Xiao Fu Dui also during my school time.. Oldies le

Chen said...

u r tagged :D

Winn said...

ok..小虎隊 ar? confirm u 70s babies:P heheh

*lift up one leg and dance away*

Doreen said...

No lah, didn't cut didn't cut, just pulling my hair back only. Hehehe. Yeah 小虎隊 was really famous and popular back then. Classic man!

Me got tagged ar....okok let me see what it is first...Hehehe

Smart wor, like that also can ar? 80s babies didn't listen to 小虎隊 meh? Sure got one right?

Liwan said...

omg!!! ahahahahahaha that really brought back alot of memories...*sign*...good old days they were...

No sign swelling at all! Still very pretty!

MonkeyWong said...

I know 小虎隊 because of 红蜻蜓, ever since then, I love them so much, I still have their CD! U have a sweet smile :P

L B said...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you gotta go do this TAG now!!!

Doreen said...

Hahaha, yeah hor. The good old days.....

Your name very funny wor, that's not what is in your birth cert right? Hehehe. So you're the 小虎隊 club also aye? *high 5*

l b: due date or not? When do you need it by? Hehehehe. Will try my best to do it soon lah. Hehehe