Thursday, October 04, 2007

One wisdom left

I had my wisdom tooth extracted today. I'm now officially one wisdom left!

Half of my face is still numb....I hope my face is not gonna swell. Please, no swollen face, please! NO!

My dinner tonight....

and will be my breakfast/lunch/dinner tomorrow...... (T_T)

very tired.....nighty night!


L B said...

No, no, it won't swell... You'll be fine.. :-)

ilovepearly said...

Ohhh...looks painful..

Chen said...

poor Doreen
but i love to eat porridge leh..
especially with that 香菇肉酱.

hope u have a good night sleep
*pat pat head*

zewt said...

i had to use a straw to drink porridge when i extracted mine... can u use a spoon?

Winn said...

me too! i only have one wisdom left! great minds think alike hor?

Doreen said...

l b:
You were right! It didn't swell...phew!

It's ok actually, just a little bit sore only, lke bruises type of sore.

Yeah, I love porridge too, and that 香菇肉酱 is my favourite can food! But, eating it 3 meals a day for at least 2 days, er....dunno if I would get fed up with porridge by end of this weekend. Hehehe

I use straw to drink water, and then literally suck the porridge from the spoon. Hehehe Mouth cannot open wide to accomodate the spoon.

You too? YAY! *high 5* Great minds do think alike! Hehehe

alicia said...

hey... at your place returns the tooth to the patient one kah????? what are you going to do with it??? frame it???? *toink toink*..... if you dun want to eat porridge.. cook vege soup, give you energy also....hope you get well soon.... *muaks*^@^

Liwan said...

*ouch* i don't dare to extract my tooth. Heard it's very painful :(

mistipurple said...

*close eyes*
*sayangz doreen*
dare not hug too tight, in case cheeks' side pain from hug. scary leh, everywhere teeth problem. got teeth conspiracy hahhaa. they are fighting they are taking over the world!
my gum still healing, eating on one side, and then now that other side so taxed, feeling a bit stressed too. sigh. i think i poked too hard on the other side, now cannot poke with the interdental brush already. :(

may said...

*squeals at sight of tooth*


I haven't had mine extracted at all, and I only have 2 of them. the other 2, dunno where liao... never grew! LOL!

you'll be okay :)

mistipurple said...

the pig very cute. each time i see i laugh. i go sleep now. 4.45am already. tomorrow jialat. got early booking at work. @.@"
*sips a little of doreen's porridge on way out*

eastcoastlife said...

aiyoooo... my poor Doreen. bo geh plus loss of wisdom. You ok lah, only one tooth, I have 4 taken out. That means.... I've no more wisdom. Oh no.

Donald Kuok said...

Poor sis..better take care and have a good rest. Just updated my blog..

Doreen said...

Yeah, dr here will normally give patient the option to keep the tooth. Aiya, I took it home just to take picture nia lah, it is already in the trash lor. Hehhehe. I will have vege soup tonight for a change. (^_^)

Well, depends on the condition of the tooth really. Some ppl need major dental surgery which is very painful and bruises everywhere. Mine is minor only, so the pain is still sustainable.

Misti, the gum how liao? Getting better already? Take care hor. *gentle hugsss*

If the teeth are not bothering you, then no need to extract lah. Good leh you only got 2, so only need 2 extractions if required. I got 4!! And this is my 3rd extraction liao. Geez!

Doreen said...

I luv piggy! They're cute! So you had a good sleep? Still got some porridge left wor, want some? *Doreen reheat the porridge for Misti*

Well, I'm not better lah, I've taken 3 out, got I left. I still don't believe wisdom teeth has anything to do with wisdom though. hehehehe.

donald kuok:
Hey bro. Me ok lah, feeling better liao. I just been to your blog wor, very nice pics leh!

keeyit said...

I always have 香菇肉酱 with rice and some vegetables.. That's enough for my lunch when I was alone at home and lazy to prepare for my lunch.

I didnt know that you can get this from there.. hehe

Doreen said...

Oh, you like 香菇肉酱 too? *high 5* I luuuuv it! We have a few Chinese groceries stores, so it is easily reach lah. (^_^)