Saturday, October 20, 2007

Farewell dinner at Ghenkis Khan

QUICK UPDATE: My internet is stuffed. Not sure when it would be fixed. Apologies for not being able to drop by your place for the time being.

Life without internet = SUX! (>_<)

P/S: Piggy can now rest for a bit longer...good for him!

A gathering dinner last night at Ghenkis Khan to bid farewell to Edward, who is leaving for Australia. Great, we're loosing another great, talented guy to OZ! Sigh!

Ghenkis Khan, a mongolian BBQ restaurant

From left: Doreen, Edward, Jason, Julia, Irene, Kuok and Rick

P/S: Piggy has always been standing on his right leg (as mistipurple pointed it out). He is now taking a rest. Hehehe


Chen said...

i presume u all had Mongolian Dinner judging from the name of the restaurant? :D

Piggy deserves taking her rest since she has been "working hard". LOL
*pinch Piggy's face* :P

L B said...

Another nice smile!!! And good old piggy certainly looks yummy too.

eastcoastlife said...

Wow! I like the new profile picture! You look gorgeous!

Why doesn't piggy sleep? I thought pigs like to snooze.

psst... what izzit you want to comment on my First Practical Sex? Got something to share hah? kakaka.... I'll be back for your comment. ^-^

Winn said...

LOL at piggy!! liddat oso cAN!!!

whr u get taht piggy?so many expression one!!

eh i like ur earings!! so nice. butterfly ?

rinnah said...

*sigh* A good friend of mine is leaving for US soon.

Oh, btw, can I tag you? *grin*

mistipurple said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA how could i have missed that the first time i came!!!!! your pig is hilarious.

Doreen said...

Yeah, Mongolian bbq all you can eat dinner. We just picked our own meat/veges/noodles then put whatever cooking sauces we like and let the chef stir fry it in front of us. Very interesting idea, something different and you can to have your own cooking taste.

l b:
Piggy: Don't eat me! I'm here for dancing only.

Thanks for your sweet compliment (=^_^=). I got so sick of my profile pic so decided to make a change. hehehe

This piggy different one mah, he only likes to dance that's why I hired him. Hehehhe

About your Practical Sex post ar...I want to comment on your pic mah. Hehehe

Hahaha, yes, liddat always can! I was searching on a piggy cartoon last time and found all these loh. I thought they're cute so downloaded them all. Hehehe

The earrings ar...yeah, it is a big butterfly. This is already my 2nd pair liao. My first pair, one of the butterflies flew away literally, the wind was gusting hard that day. I ended up only the hook hanging on my ear when I got home. So went to buy another pair lor. Here everywhere is butterfly theme leh. Spring gua I guess.

Sad isn't it seeing friends leaving....especially close friends...

Can you tag me? Eh, you already tagged me liao leh. Hehehe. Happy to do it lah, but not sure when. My internet at home stuffed liao. :(

HAHAHA, when you mentioned about him got tired standing on right leg, he came to me and complained, and wanted to rest loh. Muahahaha

keeyit said...

I havent try mongolian food before.. Cant find in Malaysia..

I agreed that life without internet = SUCKs..

may said...

urgh, I know how it is to have temperamental internet service! all ok now?

what food do they serve at Ghenkis Khan? and I must say, "Welcome to Oz, Edward! woo-hoo!"

mistipurple said...

we'll see piggy when you return. piggy now become highlight of your post. haha

Doreen said...

Emmm....may be should consider a mongolian chain in Malaysia then. Hehehhee

Yeah, internet is now back on.

It is a buffet actually. They've got all the un-cook veges, noodles, different type of meats on the counter. We just took whatever we like, and add whatever sauce we want then pass the whole plate to the chef to stir fry in front of us on the big big hot plate. So strictly speaking, the food is no Mongolian, it is how you want it to be. It is only the idea of frying on hot plate that's considered as Mongolian style. However, they do give complimentary "Sao bin" (hot biscuit), more like a hot bread which is very yummy!

Ya lor, piggy now so popular. *jealous*

Liwan said...

Your complexion looks so good!!! How do you maintain? I always have breakouts here and there arrgghhh. tell me the secret...

Doreen said...

Thank you! (=^_^)= Hehehe actually I have quite a few freckles just that it doesn't show up in the pics. Hehehe.

The secret is Dr's Secret! You heard of this skin products? I've been using it over a year. Though it hasn't really got rid of my freckles, it has improved significantly on my overall complexion. I wasn't wearing any foundation nor concealer at all on those pics. Give it a try?

Liwan said...

No foundation/concealer!! My skin doesn't even look half as good with makeup on. I've never heard of Dr Secret wor. Is it available on the internet?

Doreen said...

You've never heard of this products ar. I thought it was quite an "in" thing in Sg leh. My mum uses it first, then I saw her improvements so I started.

They're not those off the counter products if you know what I mean. They're like those Amway, Cosway. You can check out the products info at

They've got headquarter at Toa Payoh where you can buy the products. I normally buy off Ebay. Some Singaporean distributors sell the products in there.