Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Italian lunch finished long time ago liao ECL, ya it took me that long to digest. Piggy needed time to digest his rice also, he ate too much you see. Now we both can update liao. Kekekeke

Rinnah is so sweet, she gave me this Halloween Award

The main purpose of this award is to visitors to your blog to make new blogfriends. Emmmm.....I have not been making many new blogfriends lately, I have been lazy...*bad bad bad* I've been hopping from one blog to another (one night stand?), and now I couldn't even remember whose blog I've stumbled on. (even worse than one night stand!)

So, I would like to pass this award on (or back) to the two new visitors here...

keeyit - She is one of the bloggers who has frequent update. I'm now her regular visitor too.

Rinnah - I always wanted to visit her blog. Her name is like everywhere...wherever I go, I see her name. I finally moved my mouse over and did the click, and now I'm attached! Hehehe

P/S #1: Sorry ECL, I am not brave enough to pull a scary look of myself. I don't want to end up being mirrorphobia. I'm a wussy wuss! :(

P/S #2: Piggy is flying off to get his treat, or TRICK!


L B said...

Happy Halloween, Doreen!! I love how that rhymes..

Doreen said...

Hahaha, it rhymes nicely, ain't it?
Can rap song liao. Hahahhaa

rinnah said...

Happy Halloween to you too, Doreen! (Hey, that still rhymes too! LOL!)

Waaa... surely I'm not at every blog you go to? I don't get around that much. Hehehe.

I'm attached to your blog and piggy too! *muacks*

ilovepearly said...

It's always nice to check out blogs that update often.

Winn said...

arent we friends?
*force doreen to a firm handshake*


see, friends!! :D

Wennnn said...

Happy Halloweeen to U!!

Mike M said...

This blog is so very cool. I will be back for more!

keeyit said...

wah, pretty.. thanks for giving me this award.. hehe...
how's ur halloween ?

mistipurple said...

whooooo o.O my comment disappeared, halloweeeen!!!
(maybe i posted in my sleep lah)

Doreen said...

No? I think we visit the same blogs, so everytime I write my comment I see your name! hehehe.

Yeah. Hats off to them. I'm too lazy...

Doreen said...

No, we aren't friends! *Doreen declining a hand shake*

WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS!! *force a signature so-tight-cannot-breath hug on winn*


Same to you! (though belated lah) (^_^)

mike m:
Thanks for dropping by, and many thanks to your comment. (^_^) See'ya again?

You're well deserved lah. hehehe

My halloween very normal, nothing special apart from a few kids came around for treat or trick.

Your comment disappeared mysterously? Emmmm.....*ponder* Eeeeeeee~~~~

(Wah~~you dreamed of my blog ar? *touch* Hehehe)

may said...

ah, what a Treat! :) Happy (very belated) Halloween! did you get lotsa candy?

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Halloween!! I'm still in halloween mood. kakaka.... ok... lengloi cannot do hideous pics lah.

Can let your piggy take your place leh!!!

*comes with a chopper*

Doreen said...

Happy belated Halloween to you too (^_^). I didn't go out for trick or treat leh, so no candy. :(

*quickly zoom away and hide*