Friday, November 02, 2007

Till we meet again...

So we had Mongolian at Ghenkis Khan to bid Edward farewell (-_-)
Then, Italian at La Bella Italia for a casual gathering to celebrate long weekend \(^O^)/

Now, it's the Mexican at Flying Burrito Brothers, a send-off to Edward (Ya, the same Edward!) (-_-)(-_-)

The entrance. Spoooooky~~~~

The mezzanine above us

I particularly like these stars

The dinning lounge

Cute bun!

See how important he is to us, TWO farewells! Yet, we still didn't manage to make him stay....whoever sending him to the airport tomorrow, please be 2 hours late! Muahahahaha OZ so good meh? NZ that sucks meh? Why everyone leaving for OZ? Moon over there bigger and rounder is it? May be one day I move there too lah!

Anyway, I still want to wish Edward well. All the best to you and be safe (OZ better treats him well!!) Do come visit us (spare room is always ready for you) or we go visit you lah (spare room better be ready. hehehe). Remember to miss us boh, we'll definitely miss you especially Rick (and you know why).

Lastly, if you don't like it there, COME BACK! :P

........till we meet again........


L B said...

Yeah, very VIP, to get two farewell dinners! Come back soon, Edward! Get more Welcome Home & then Farewell dinners again! I like the Chicken!

Doreen said...

Wah~~lb, you are even cunning! You don't like the squid meh? Bely nice wor.

mistipurple said...

Piggy on belly sniffing. *bawls with Piggy*

Chen said...

2 farewell ah?
so syiok...

likely the grass there is greener kua
*munching grass*

rinnah said...

Waaaa... so the VIP ar, Edward! Reminds me of the two farewells me and my friends had for that friend who flew off to US recently. *grin*

Awww... Piggy don't cry...

Doreen said...

Awww....don't bawls lah Misti. Piggy today feeling better liao though still a bit down.

*Doreen hugs Misti tight tight*

may said...

yes yes, Oz very good wan! come on over! ;-)

that restaurant looks quite smashin'. Mexican food, yum!

and all the best to Edward!

eastcoastlife said...

Two farewells? Ten farewells also he will go, right?

What is good in New Zealand? See if I want to go over anot. I know about the beautiful scenery ledi, give info on other things like food, the people, safety, employment/business environment.... hehehe.... I know lah, I go ask Immigration.

When you come holiday in Singapore? We have food orgy!

Doreen said...

OZ grass greener meh? NZ got more beautiful and greener environment leh. See, so many moo moos and meeh meehs here.

Hope your friend is settling well in US. Piggy got shallow tear ducts, he easily cries one (ku bao).

Really good ar~~emm....may be I shall pop over there look see look see.

New Zealand good! Nice scenery (as you said), fresher air, less pollution. These alone already good enough to keep a healthier and happier life liao. Also, ppl here more friendly lah. Come come?

I shall be popping over to sg next year March. Food orgy? big event ar?

ilovepearly said...

Wow... big dish good food...mmmm!

Winn said...

ahhaa the piggy so cute a same time so kelian..

OZ moon is not bigger. just that the koalas are more cuddly than the sheeps maybe? hehe..

Irene Cheong said...

damn, i m so envious and jealous with childless couple like u!

Irene Cheong said...

cos u get to enjoy good food....
travel places

Chen said...

I have submitted homework liao :D

Doreen said...

Hehehe, eat till really stomach ache. Too heavy you see. Hehehe

KOALAS!! Yeah, koalas are definitely cuter than sheeps. Sigh!

irene cheong:
Hey Irene! Aiya, no need to be envious/jealous one. When Declan is all grown up, you'll be "shaking you legs" and enjoying your life while I'm still chasing mine. By then, it's me who get reeeaaaallly jealous of you liao.

Just came back from your place. Thanks for doing the tag wor. Those yummy home dishes really make me drool.

Irene Cheong said...

oh on OZ, OZ is good!
Moon there is really big and round.
much better than Sg.
Thats why donald and i chose to go there too!

Maybe u shld consider.

mistipurple said...

Piggy still don't want to dance ah? *pushes Piggy's butts to stand on right leg again*
Piggy want me to brush your teeth or not? i got two new soft toothbrushes! *nah gib you one*

Doreen said...

irene cheong:
I'm starting to believe the moon there is many people moving over....yes! definitely rounder and brighter there! Emm.....I still keeping my option open lah, wait till you and Donald establisb a base first. Hehehe

Doreen said...

*piggy trying to stand up and dance but so lazy decided to sleep again*

*piggy so happy open his mouth big big so misti can help wash his teeth*

keeyit said...

You always go for nice restaurant.. hehe.. this is one of the reason that I like to visit your blog..

May be next time you can show us some chinese restaurant there ?

We should enjoy our life with nice food.. right ?

keeyit said...

You always go for nice restaurant.. hehe.. this is one of the reason that I like to visit your blog..

May be next time you can show us some chinese restaurant there ?

We should enjoy our life with nice food.. right ?

Liwan said...

Ya why's everyone heading to OZ? I like NZ better (although i've never physically being there hehehe, but hearing your stories and seeing your photos are good enough to make me want to go over) but i heard the pay in OZ is higher? Maybe that's why everyone's moving over ba.

Doreen said...

Hehehe, many thanks to your support, will try to share some chinese restaurant experience next time though there are not many here.

Yep, one of the important elements in life is food, enjoying good food.

you like NZ? You're one of the few that like NZ. NZ is beautiful and peaceful, but as you said, $$ there is far more attractive than what we get here in NZ.

Anna said...

may I know what is this country?

Doreen said...

Hi Anna! We're in New Zealand, and Edward was leaving for Australia.