Monday, November 26, 2007

25th of November

I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you Chen, Ah boy, Mistipurple, kyh, LB, May, ECL, Alicia, Hong&Amy, Rinnah, Winn, Misha, Keeyit, Christina and my bro the messages/cakes/gifts/kisses/hugs/chicken drumsticks & wings (FB, blog posts, mobile, beautiful Malaysia postcard, blog comment box). Y'all are a star! Also thanks to those who left their greetings in other blogs. They all mean a lot to me and I am thankful to have you nice people around, though not really physically around, aiya you know what I mean lah.

*Signature big tight-till-cannot-breath hugsssss to ALL OF YOU*

On the day before
Potluck dinner at Irene's place. I want to thank my Wellington friends for coming and made it such an enjoyable potluck party, filled with very yummy lip-smacking food. Special thanks to Irene, Kuok, Julia and Jason for offering their place for the potluck. I really had a good time!

The cake, taro flavoured though not as big as the one from kyh

All of us!

On the day
It was a fine, sunny day. Rick was being such a darling, he brought me to Botanical Garden for the Rose Festival. The garden was filled with beautiful, multi colour roses with pleasant scent of roses wafting thought the air. The roses were in their full bloom all in different colours and sizes. camwhoring picture. Hehehehe Sorry wor, no tartan skirts nor tartan panties nor tartan towel.....hehehehe

Ok, before you all throw out all your breakfast/morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner, better change subject!

There was also a farm-pet fare going on there, so we went to look see look see......there were pony, rabbit, chicken, llama, lambs.......

This llama didn't even move a bit through out my time there, she was sitting still like a toy.

While we were busy patting the animals and taking photos, something caught my eyes. There was this cute little thing tottering around......

Ooooh~~ MY~ GOD~, the "dalmation piglet" is sooooo cute! She was sniffing and toddling around...aiyo really cute.....

*Piggy was really jealous when he found out that dalmation piglet is cuter than him. Muahahaha*

Later, we proceed to Whitby restaurant in James Cook hotel for a traditional English high tea. The cakes and club sandwiches were heavenly!

So there gone my 2007 birthday, a year younger and a year more wiser. Muahahaha. It was a simple, relaxed yet a memorable one!

*Piggy is still upset about the Dalmatian piglet* :(


zewt said...

hey doreen.... a very very very happy birthday to you...

L B said...

What a wonderful birthday you had!!!! What pretty pictures of a pretty day of a pretty Birthday Girl!!! May you have a wonderful year-long 365 days of peace, love, joy, happiness, stars, moon, squirrels, petals, desserts, happy piggies, cutie llamas, smileys, willies, and tons of strawberries! :-) Happy Birthday!!!

L B said...

*throws a star*

Chen said...

Happy Birthday once again.
yummy leh your cake
and i like the dalmatian pig
pigs are so cute
(but of coz i like piggy also lah) :P

btw, i received your Christmas Card today. Thanks. This is the first Christmas card i received this year.

may said...

you're a STAR! what a wonderful day you had, by the looks of all the photos. that piglet certainly holds its own charm! I've never seen one before, it's kinda weird adorable... lol!

glad your birthday was swell. hope you have many, many more to come! :)

Winn said...

wow ur special day was a blast!
yeah the dalmatian piglet is so cute!
*throws 5 stars*

so..this year how many candles?

i 21 ler!! haaaaaaa

ilovepearly said...

Everything looks so nice, love the look of the cake and that piggie is so darn cute! Happy B-birthday 2 you!

keeyit said...

Nice photos, my dear. It was such a wonderful birthday you have.

Hope you everyday also so happy la.. hehehe..

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday to U girl... may the days ahead is as wonderful as U!!

eastcoastlife said...

Oooo.... that was a lovely yummy taro cake!! I love taro cakes.... in fact anything made from taro. yum yum....

Glad that Rick spent your special day with you. *sigh.... sweet sweet sweet.....*

Happy Birthday Doreen! One year younger and wiser! hehe.....

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to you !

mistipurple said...

so romantic. *dream dream of my prince charming bringing me to rose garden also* @.@

Happy Birthday again, Doreen.

no tartan skirt nor panties nor towel ah? ok ok, still very pretty!

*sayangz piggy on way out*
cheh. that dalmation piggy cannot dance as well as you. don't worry.

Doreen said...

THANK YOU zewt! (^_^)

l b:
THANK YOU LB! Wah so many....okok, start collecting....hehehehe

cbenc12 said...

so many nice pics!! i like de flower petals and de cute little sheep!! and ur cake loooks marvellous..
happy belated birthday to u!!

Doreen said...

THANK YOU once again. *hugss*

Yeah, pigs, piglets and piggy all very cute. Now I don't feel like eating pork liao.

Oh you received it liao? So fast leh. Hehehehe

Doreen said...

THANK YOU may may! *hugss* My first time seeing the dalmation pig also. It is so small, so cute Aww.....I want to own one also only if I can.....

THANK YOU winn! *hugss*

Oh I'm much older than you lor, 23! Muahahahaha

THANK YOU Kay! *hugss*

The cake very yummy. Now I feel like having some but no more left :(

phd猛男 said...

wonder whose the guy that you blanked out?

Doreen said...

THANK YOU keeyit! *hugss*

You also every happy happy joy joy wor (^_^)

THANK YOU gal! *hugss*

The baby kicking yet? Er....probably too soon to kick hor? Hehehe

THANK YOU ECL! *hugss*

I used to prefer kumara than taro, but now fall in love with it.

Doreen said...

Thank you thank you, Tracy! *hugss*

THANK YOU Misti! *hugss*

Your prince charming waiting at your door to take you out to rose garden leh, open the door liao? Hehehe

*piggy now very happy and starts dancing liao*

THANK YOU! *hugss*

You don't like the cute dalmation piglet? Hehehe

Doreen said...

Oh that guy? One of my friend/colleague who insisted not to be revealed. Hehehehe

syLviA said...

Read your blog 4 quite sometimes.
1st time leave message. Happy Birthday 2 U Doreen. Hugs Hugs...Nice Pictures.

kljs said...

Hi, first time visiting your blog. Happy Birthday to you.

Nice flowers. ;)

Doreen said...

THANK YOU Sylvia, and thanks for leaving a messeage here. It's always good to make new friends. *hugsss*

Hello~~ *waving*

Thank you thank you! And welcome to my blog! (^_^)

Sean said...

wah... you have a nice bday cake!!Happy belated birthday ya~~

kyh said...

happy birthday! that cake looks yummy! and also the piglet is damn kuitttt! omg! really cute!!!

Ah Boy said...

happy barkday
ah boy wanna eats cake too :)

Irene Cheong said...

i m late...
happy belated birthday :)

i love tat piggy of yours!

mistipurple said...

came and check on piggy. he has feelings wan. hahaha.

Irene Cheong said...

where to find the piggy? so cute

mistipurple said...

hahahaa hi irene cheong! the piggy belongs to doreen! i don't own him. he is so happies with doreen. only lately cwying because her attention got distracted by the dalmatian piggy. *runs* but leaves a big wet muackie for doreen!

Doreen said...

THANK YOU sean! I stil think the birthday cake is too small. Hehehehe

Thanks again kyh! That chocolate cake from you also very yummy leh. Hehehe

ah boy:
THANK YOU ah boy! You wanna eat cake had spaghetti liao still not enough meh? So "tam chiak" one leh you. No more cake left liao wor, got some butter cream left you want? Hehehehe. Next time I get a bigger cake har. Ah boy kuai *pat on ah boy's head*

Doreen said...

irene cheong:
Hey thanks leh! Not late not late lah, I feel like having a very looonng birthday. Hehehehe. I should update my blog soon.

Thanks for checking piggy out lah. He is good, and still dancing, even harder now to show that he is better than that Dalmation piglet. Muahahaha

Doreen said...

irene & misti:
Ya, piggy is mine lah. Hehehehe. Emm....may be I should give him a nice nice name rather than calling him piggy hor. How about.....PIGI? hehehehehe

*return misti wet muackie*

mistipurple said...

hahaha PIGI sounds nice too. and so is Piggy. all simple and good. i love pigi piggy any name you call him. *kisses piggy*

kljs said...

Nice cake too btw... ;)
can I have some?

Doreen said...

Piggy loves PIGI too....He is now very happy...and still thinking about your kisses. Hehehe

Er....sorry wor, cake finished already. Hehehhe. Next year can? I get a BIG BIG one! Hehehe

rinnah said...

Aiyak. I wanted to tag you but you've already done the tag. Heh.

eastcoastlife said...

The taro cake is made by Asian baker, right? I dun think the angmoh knows how to use taro to bake cakes.

I'm going to buy a slice of taro cake later. How can tahan after looking at it for days!? hehehe....

Come Singapore, I bring you eat and shop and we can sampat together! OK, I sampat... you look pretty can oledi!

Doreen said...

Hehehe. Nvm lah. Tag me another time then. Hehehe

Yes, it is made by Asian baker. I still prefer Asian cake than those very rich ang moh cake. Hehehe

Aiks, you buying taro cake? Now make me want to eat also liao. I also go buy tomorrow then, and we both enjoy taro cakes together. Hehehe

Liwan said...

omg sorry this came so late...but...HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!! *big kiss and hug*