Friday, November 23, 2007

The 10 things I hate.....

Nothing much to update, pretty quiet lately. So I'll do another tag.

Sean wanted to know the 10 things I hate the most. So, here they are.....

I hate......
1. People being late. 5-10 mins ok lah, anything more you would see a lady with face as black as charcoal with evil eyes waiting for you. Muahahahaha
2. Betrayal. (If you do go down this path, please do a good job. Don’t ever let me find out!)
3. Hypocrite. (Fake people belong to FAKE world lah. This is REAL world.)
4. Drivers who couldn't be bother to signal.
5. Wasting food
6. Headache
7. Windy day (> 80 km/hr)
8. Smoking environment. (Please be nice, don't puff right in front of me can?)
9. Computer crashing
10. Not being myself

Now time to pass it on.....I want to know 10 things you hate……

keeyit (3rd time lucky?)
chen (revenge, revenge!)
L B (first tagging this emperor)

P/S: Sorry if I sounded a bit aggressive. I spat it all out with hatred!

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Winn said...

wooooooooooo! i wanna do this tag!this is easy i got so many hatres!! ahaha can i trade the 'time machine' tag with this? ^^

Chen said...

i hate most of the things that u hate too. Can i just copy and paste? Kkkkkkkk...

Winn Winn, i will tag u since u love this tag. Kkakakakkak

Doreen said...

I wanted to tag you on this one one, but then remembering I got tag your the "Time Machine" already. Paiseh to tag again mah. You got many hatres to share ar....sorry wor, cannot trade. "Time Machine" it is you need to do. Hehehehe.

Don't worry, Chen is gonna tag you liao. So you would be able to spit it all out. (^_^)

CANNOT!! You want to be Garfield is it? CANNOT CANNOT! (>_<) Must use your own words to describe the same thing. Hehehehe

kyh said...

i hate ppl being unreasonable. LOL!

dun hate, spread love! :P

mistipurple said...

LOLOLOLL! chen cannot be kopi cat!

Doreen said...

Oooo, I hate that too!

okok, don't hate, don't hate! Spreeeeaaad LOVE~~~~~

*Doreen holding up big cardboard printed "free hug" *

Doreen said...

Ya loh, cannot kopi cat one mah. May be Chen likes kopi and cat? :P

Chen said...

i submit homework liao. Dun worry. Tarak Garfield :D

L B said...

hahaha, ok, ok, I accept your first ever tag with arms wide open, without being too late, totally transparent, with my signal lights blinking, making sure every last grain of rice is consumed, and puts out the cigar long before I got in here.. :-)

eastcoastlife said...

You and I have 80% likeness!!! hehe...

I hate waiting for people and I always go to meetings earlier. :P

Sean said...

If your computer crash and you didn't save your tow hours work... wah... I don't want to imagine...

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Doreen
Hugs and Muacks from Penang
Ah Boy sends his regards too :)

may said...

I hate food wasters too, though sometimes, I'm one of them! eek!

Happy Happy Birthday Doreen!!

*hugz* *muakz*

Winn said...

wahhhhhh!!! *sobs* must do homework ar? ur bday i got no discount one ar? i want to report police! call ambulance!


happy ...~~~~~ happy~~~~~....sunday!

and birthday:)

mistipurple said...

wish you all your dreams come true! and many many great travels too!

mistipurple said...

any more chicken wing? hahah

L B said...


kyh said...

happy birthday! come to my blog to eat ur cake! :P

mistipurple said...

psst. i received oredy. hehehe. happies. kisskisskiss!
Happy Birthday again, Doreen!

keeyit said...

Happy Birthday le...
How's your birthday ??

Doreen said...

Wah~~~that's the last time I want man! I will be damn pissed till my hair also burnt out.

THANK YOU Chen, and Ah boy too!


I guess you didn't mean to waste food one right? Only sometimes you forgot what you have in your fridge or when you just couldn't finish the big plate. That's forgiveable?

THANK YOU May! *hugss*

Doreen said...

no discount on anyday whatsoever. Hehehehe. Police and ambulance all busy with other cases, so cannot take on this one. Hehehehe



THANK YOU sweetie! *hugss*

Piggy eat all the chicken wings liao..*piggy quickly hides himself*

l b:
THANK YOU l b! Happy happy joy joy!


Just finished the cake. Wah~~very rich, very nice wor! THANK YOU! (^_^)


Oh, you got it liao? Fast leh! Hehehehe


THANK YOU keeyit!

My birthday was great. I had a marvellous time! (^_^)


L B said...