Sunday, November 18, 2007

I love YAN YAN

I'm sure most of Malaysians have come across this yummy and lip-smacking YAN YAN in their childhood.

It was my favourite, and still is! Whenever I go to the Asian grocery store, I would look for them and take some home.

When I was in Christchurch couple of months ago, I couldn't help going into Asian store for YAN YAN. It is commonly known that Asian grocery stores in Christchurch have much more varieties and at much cheaper prices as compared to those in Wellington. So, the search began, hoping to get a sight on the usual coco and strawberry ones.

My eyes almost popped out when I saw all these different flavours of YAN YANs on the rack, for the first time! It was not just like "seeing oasis in the desert" but "seeing an BIG oasis full of cokes, 7-ups, ribenas".

I couldn't help but grabbed them ALL!!!

Got Banana & Chocolate lar, Orange lar, Milk lar and even Green Tea! (0_0)!! They probably been around for ages, but me so "suaku" that I had never before seen!

I wonder...if there is anymore flavour out there....*search search search*

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Sean said...

You love junk foods?
Btw, I have tagged you abt "10 things I hate the most" @
Hope you will write about it~

Wennnn said...

U really fanactic about it lor!!!LOL

Chen said...

heheheh.. i knew this foodstuff
ate it during my childhood days :D

mistipurple said...

hahaha. if i am the shopkeeper i will laff behind the counter, secretly of cos. *cabut*

Doreen said...

Oh yes, I luv junk food!

This tag sounds good, and not to be missed. I'll do it soon.

Hahaha, you bet! My favourite junk food wor.

I didn't have much of this during my childhood know....junk food mah, parents always say not healthy so always relunctant to buy. Now, I eat till I sick of it, then eat again the next day. Muahahaha

mistipurple: bad one, laughing at ppl behind the back. Bad misti!

*throw yan yan to misti but then quickly pick it up and open it and start eating*

may said...

I lup Yan Yan too! used it as one of my THHC™ results some time ago, remember that? I love those little cartoons on the biscuit sticks. we don't have that many flavours here, though. just choc and strawberry. oh well, good enough!

L B said...

I have never seen, or heard about these Yan Yans before in my childhood! I must have been deprived..

kyh said...

i lup this! but dunno the one i ate b4 is yan yan brand or not. :P simply delicious! i love the cream more than the biscuits itself. LOL! and there's the tiny koala bear biscuits which is the same --- dip into the sauce and eat! YUM!!!!! but the koalas one r expensive ler...

ilovepearly said...

I only try the vanilla, strawberry and common!
I haven't yet come across those flavor...lucky you!!!!!

rinnah said...

I don't see these flavors in Malaysia worrr... only chocolate and strawberry and personally I lup chocolate more! *grin*

Winn said...

how can LB never came across yanyan! actually is it called yum-yum here? i remember this junk food but i cant recall the name. but huh! how come got so many flavours! malaysia only got the strawberry and the chocolate one!

keeyit said...

Hi dear,

I love that too.. During my HK trip, I bought a lot of that to eat.. BUT in malaysia, only chocolate and strawberries favour..

BUT urs one got so many different favour le..

Jayce said...

I love this. I still remember that I ate these when I am young. Delicious... :)

Doreen said...

Yeah, of course I remember. I was thinking of you when I wrote this post leh. Those Yan Yan I got not cartoon nor word on the stick one. Just plain stick biscuit.

l b:
NO? YOU SURE? You must be quite ignorant back then. hehehe or may be you never like junk food lah.

Oh I know those Koala bears one, seen it but never tried. exp lah. Can buy more of Yan Yan with that price. Hehehe

Seems like no many ppl have seen these flavours. But they only available in Christchurch, 1 hour flight away :( Next time I just sweep everything on the racks. Hehehe

Doreen said...

I wonder where these flavours come from leh since Malaysia also doesn't have.

I luv chocolate one too but once I tried the Green Tea, I fall in love with this flavour!

eastcoastlife said...

I also likeee! Wah! Got so many flavours!!! I only got chocolate and strawberry!

*look at my chocolate and strawberry ones, look at Doreen's new flavours, grabbed and run fast fast!*

Doreen said...

Dunno LB leh, he probably slept through his childhood. Hehehe

So some of these flavours also not available in HK? I wonder if these Yan Yan are from China/Taiwan. Aiya, too late, I finished them all already. Can't check.

Yeah, I guess most of us grow up with Yan Yan and I can see myself still licking that when I'm 80 years old. Muahahaha

Doreen said...

Hey, give me back my YAN YAN!!! They're mine!

*Chasing ECL*

mistipurple said...

*chases ECL also* lol!

Liwan said...

wwoooo i love strawberry yanyan! But the packaging is so different there. I want to try to choc and banana flavour! hhmmm i should go to the chinese supermarket and try looking for those new flavors one day...