Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking back 5 times

I've never digged out my old posts to reminisce my past. I guess 1++ years of being in blogosphere is considered young and what I've written seems relatively fresh in back of my mind. Thanks Chen for giving me such an incentive to wallow through words that I've noted down, looking back 5 times!


1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below.
2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.
3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.


Link 1 must be about FAMILY: Family luncheon and shopping fun (30/12/2006)

Link 2 must be about FRIEND: Playing hosts (25/03/2006)

Link 3 must be about YOURSELF: Old photos (22/03/2006)

Link 4 must be about YOUR LOVE: Celebrating our anniversary (19/06/2006)

Link 5 can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE: Toying with ice-creams (03/09/2006)

I should be tagging 5 others, shouldn't I? Er....can I choose not? Don't feel like following the rule today. Hehehehe


Chen said...

thanks for doing the tag. I'm now reading your old posts :D

L B said...

Me too, me too... will go read after lunch! I like that toying with ice cream link... Will start backwards...

Ah Boy said...

ah boy has just submitted homework.


Chen said...

very very very very paiseh to tell u that u r tagged :P

keeyit said...

If you want me to choose my favourite one, I will select Old photos ! memorable..

Sean said...

haha... I understand tagging people is tiring task~
Do you still remember that I give you a tag? haha~

mistipurple said...

Piggy knocked me off my chair. can't stop laffing see him so hard at work writing on that desk!

Doreen said...

No worries though my brain is almost dead. Hehehe

l b:
Haha, looks like l b is a dessert person afterall? Hehehe

ah boy:
Ah boy kuai....*pat pat on Ah boy's head*

Doreen said...

Wah~~this teacher a slave driver leh, I just handed in homework nia, now another one? Further, even tougher and sampat one. Kejam ini leh. Hehehehe. I'll do it bely bely soon teacher! (^_^)

Yeah, old photos speak a lot and it is always funny to look back at those photos too. Hehehe

O~~~yes! I remember the homework from you and it is next in line. Hehehehe

hahaha, he always eat, sleep and dance nia. Since I was doing my homework, he was so nice helping me out. *oink oink*

eastcoastlife said...

Your childhood pics look so different from you now! I won't be able to know it's you. :P

The ice-cream contest you sure lose lah, how to fight with Rick's big mouth. kakaka......

ilovepearly said...

I too would choose not to pass on the tag :P

may said...

fun fun fun! the ice-cream one was actually quite ewww, but funny at the same time wor... kakakaka! next time I'll eat my ice cream that way, provided it can fit into my mouth like that lah... :P

Winn said...

i dont remember what i wrote sometimes that i have to keep refering back sometimes...heeheeee:P bad memory!!

mistipurple said...

you are so photogenic in all your photos. you are creating lovely memories of every event.
*gives piggy a new pen, he wore out the last one helping you write* *cabut*

Doreen said...

You're wise! Hehehe

Hahaha, don't think it can fit into your mouth lah, unless it is a tiny mini ice-cream. Hehehe

Don't worry, you're not alone. This tag really took me a while. *hugsss*

Aww thanks for your words Misti. You've made my day! Hope I would look the same 30 years on, which I think is a pious hope. Hehehe