Monday, December 24, 2007

This year Christmas

Woo-hoo, holiday is finally here! Hehehehe 1.5 week of holiday and I'm staying put in Wellington probably spending my holiday spring cleaning the house and be the house's slave. What to do, need to save $$ and annual leave for my next year trip bah. So have to suffer first lah, then can enjoy mah. Said until I'm so miserable like that, but actually not that bad lah, there are a lot of comforts I have for this festive season.......

Beautiful cards and ecards that warm my heart

Terrific virtual presents from FB and here that put smiles on my face

Red, juicy Malbourough cherries I love

A new job that will certainly bring excitements and challenges into the new year (Agreement signed and handed in today. hehehe)

A pair of shoes to keep me bright and shine, from me to myself

And, a box of my favourite Ferrero Rochers from Rick that melts me away

Wish you all a very happy Christmas and also a safe one!

Oops, hat too big. okok, try a different one. Here comes again.....

That's better! (^_^)

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L B said...

Merry Christmas, Doreen & Rick! May you have a great holiday, with lots of festive love and cheer!

Chev said...

A new job? All the best :)
Merry Christmas, Doreen and Rick

ilovepearly said...

I'm going to cry, I want some chocolate too!
Nice cards!
Thats a really bright shoe =P

may said...

Merry Christmas, my dear! I gotta get me some cherries before the shop closes too...

rinnah said...

Merry Christmas to Doreen and Rick! You look so festive in your X'masy hat!

Are you going to a new job? All the best ya? *hugs*

zewt said...

new job for new year!

Merry Christmas Doreen.

Doreen said...

l b:
Thank you LB! and same to you!

Merry Christmas to you!

Thank you! It'll be completely different stuff that I'll be doing. Hehehe

Merry Christmas to you!

Hehehe, a bright shoes so I won't get lose. Hahahaha *give Kay some Ferrero Rochers*

Merry Christmas to you!

Cherries are really nice. Quick quick go get some lor and Merry Christmas to you!

Thank you Rinnah! Yeah lor, new job, starting in Jan. Very excited! Hehehe *hugs back*

Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas to you too, Zewt!

eastcoastlife said...

Merry Christmas, sweet Doreen!

The shoes so yellow geh! That's a royal colour wor.

Wah! Food!
*takes cherries and chocolates, pet pet piggy, runs....*

kljs said...

Merry Christmas!!!!! And a Happy New Year to you!!!

mistipurple said...

Merry Christmas, Doreen and Rick.
and a peck on the cheek for Pigi too! Wish you success in your new job!

sylvia said...

Merry Christmas Doreen and your loved one. Ho.....Ho.....Ho....

keeyit said...

Merry xmas my dear.. How's the celebration at your place ?

between I never buy yellow shoes.. cool~

eve said...

Merry Xmas n Happy New Year lenglui..

Doreen said...

Ya lo hor, it is royal colour. Hehehe. Then I can feel like a Malay princess whenever I wear it lah. Hahaha

Thanks Kenny! and same to you! (^_^)

Thanks Misti! I can't wait to start my new job. Hehehe

Merry belated Christmas to you too Sylvia, and a very joyful New Year!

Not much celebration here actually. Dead quiet on the Christmas day. Many ppl had left town either to celebrate with their families or holidaying.

No yellow shoes? why? Yellow nice leh, very bright bah.

Same to you too lenglui! You're back!!!!!!! *hugsssss*

mistipurple said...

*hang mistletoe all over your house* kekekeke

david santos said...

Nice posting, thank you,

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

kyh said...

*eats ferrero rocher ans asks for more*

cheerfulday said...

Merry xmas doreen

Liwan said...

Merry Christmas!! and so exciting! A new job!! But if you're having a new job then you must finish using up ur annual leave before u leave the company mah.

eastcoastlife said...

Princess Doreen,
Still on Christmas leave?

Have a good rest before you start your new job.

Doreen said...

*Grab Misti under mistletoe, and kissing Misti non-stop* Hehehe

david santos:
Thank you david! You have a joyful new year.

Greedy kyh! *give only ONE Ferrero Rocher to kyh* No more liao. Hehehe

Thank you! and same to you, well, belated. Hehehe

Merry belated Christmas to you too! Hehehe, I'm still with the same company lah, just different department that's all. So the annual leave entitlement is carrying on lah. Hehehe

Hahaha, Princess Doreen sounds so weird leh. No lah, no lah, am not princess just a Queen only. Muahahaha

Yeah, still on holiday. Thank you wor, will be busy handing over all my current responsibilities to the next person.