Friday, December 28, 2007

Purple dream

Photos taken at Lavender Creek, just 45 mins drive north of Wellington.











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L B said...

What a lovely field of purple! Mistipurple could hide in there, and no one would be able to find her for months!! And what a lovely dress!!! I still love your watch..

irenecheong said...


i guess u also realised tat the right side of yr face look better than left....

if u notice it, all the photos are taken to show the right side of yr cheek

alicia said...

wah..... very pretty o..... if i got chance i want to be there.....

Winn said...

i m penang-ing...

doreen i cant help but to say WOW! u know , i always dream and wanted to go to places flooded with flowers like this! so pretty! i've dreamt of giant sunflower and now this..the lavanders ! ooooooo......

u have so many new things upcoming.. i'll have to catch up!

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty!

Doreen said...

l b:
Ya loh, when I saw the purple field, all I could think of was "beautiful" and "Mistipurple". Didn't see her there though, she was probably hiding in the purple field like you said. Hehehe

btw, that white dress is the dress I was going to lend you as an angel outfit. Hehehehe

Haha! Yeah, you noticed also eh? I only realised it no long ago, after Rick got into photography. Hehehehe

Ya loh, I didn't know about that place when you were here. Otherwise can go there together.

me too me too! *high 5* I love flower field, be it lavenders, sunflowers, tulips or bed of other flowers. Just love it! Sunflower field is on my top list but still no luck finding it here.

Happy penang-ing!

Hello Misha! You like lavender too? They're beautiful and I love their smell. (^_^)

goldiamondrich said...

hehe. *peeks from under the purple field* LB gave out my hiding place! kekekeke.

nice outfit, so frilly and feminine. you look pretty. but that is only to be expected. :)

goldiamondrich said...

eeks, that's me, misti!

U.Lee said...

Hello Doreen, my compliments to the photographer. Rick?
Those are reaalt exceptional photographs, well taken, and the portraits of you, simply amazing. I love to look at such photographs.
Hey, thats a cute pair of pink shoes you wearing. casuals?
I love the 1st pic of you. THAT is really a beautiful shot, real candid.
But Doreen, its your pure, gentle and lovely features and beauty that enhanced the photos...a loose dress blown by the breeze, a carefree lady in love running thru a field of dreams, a photographers fantasy.
Keep that smile, Doreen and have a wonderful New Year. My very best regards to you and Rick. Lee.

ilovepearly said...

Thats nice, did you take some home :P

kljs said...

Beautiful purple.......beautiful white too among the purple!!! ;)

keeyit said...

Lavender.. I love it !

I hope one day I can go to this place !

Doreen, you are really beautiful! You are like those taiwanese drama actress le.. hehehe..

White with purple a perfect match !

Liwan said...

These photos are amazing!!! Can display in an exhibition wor. And you look so pretty in white!

Anonymous said...

So pretty, so cute, so beautiful!
New Zealand looks so mysterious to me...i love it!

Doreen said...

Aiya, lucky I had my sport tight underneath my dress otherwise I would have given my "teh koh"'s colour away to Misti. *Phew*

Hi Lee! Thank you for such a sweet comments. Hehehe yeah, it was a casual, carefree day out. The 1st pic is my favourite too actually. (^_^) You have a very joyful and happy new year too.

I take you mean the lavenders? No, didn't take any but I did buy a lavender moisturiser made from those lavenders from them. Very nice product!

Hehehe, purple colour is very nice. I found myself gradually falling in love with this colour.

Taiwanese drama actress? Wah~~~thank u thank u. No lah no lah, paiseh paiseh! *blushed* I would be thankful if I have their 50% loh.

Thanks ler. I think it's the purple that makes the whole picture very surreal. It is such a beautiful colour!

zen chef:
New Zealand is beautiful, so as everyone claims. It's really worth a visit!

so you are a chef?

rinnah said...

The scenery is certainly beautiful! I wish I am there to smell the lavender scent, see the fields and sky!

But more beautiful than the place itself is the lady in the photos and the skill of the photographer to capture her beauty. *smile*

mistipurple said...

hahaha. saw your teh kor's color. no? that was the sport tights ah? haiyah. excited for nothing. thot i could announce to the world already. hohohoho. :P

Doreen said...

Heheh thanks leh *blushed*

The scenery is undoubtly beautiful. NZ is really worth a visit and a perfect place to unwind your soul!

Eh, changed back to Mistipurple liao? Where is my goldiamandrich liao? Hehehe

Haiya, I knew there would be something fishy about the purple field one, so deliberately wear sport tights. Hahaha

Wah~~ still hohoho-ing ar? Very long liao leh. hehehe

may said...

that is so very pretty! reminded me of a patch of lavender in Kew Gardens, London. that one smaller compared to your field lah... heheh... don't they smell just lovely too?

mistipurple said...

12 days to hohohoho.
because after that must revert back to kekekeke or hehehehe or hahahaha. hohohoho is only allowed in christmas. :P

Daniel said...

hi, dropping by to wish U a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008.

eastcoastlife said...

Wow! What a beautiful sea of purple! I love lavender! So nice smelling and lovely! And is is our Princess Doreen. :)

You look so good in the white dress. And Rick takes very good photos of you.

Wishing you a new year.....
lit up with good times, bursting with fun and sparkling with a whole lot of joy!

CresceNet said...

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mistipurple said...

Happy New Year, dear Doreen and Rick and.. Pigi of cos! cannot leave him out, wait he sad. now he happies, can dance all night! *hugs and kisses*

Winn said...

am KL-ing...hehe

happy brand new year doreen..
may you hv a doreen year ahead.
money money come!:)

Chev said...

hou leng hou leng hou leng..

新年快乐 Doreen and Rick
Cheers with Teh C Peng :)

Doreen said...

Yeah, I like their smell, very soothing and mind relaxing.

12 days ar. okok. Let's ho ho ho! Hehehe

Hi! Thanks and same to you! (^_^)

I like white, but sometimes it makes me look kinda fat and bulky. Hehehehe.

Happy 2008 to you!

Welcome! Sorry I don't understand a word you typed but many thanks for dropping by.

Happy New year to my dear you too! All happy happy joy joy! *muakss*

Wah~~you finished Penang-ing liao? Now KL-ing? So fun leh! I'll just wait for my Malaysia-ing time. Hehehe

Happy 2008 to you my dear winn!

Happy 2008 to you! Cheers back with Horlicks-Peng

Sean said...

That's awesome!
Happy New Year~

kyh said...

very pretty! i love lavender fields too! i want to visit those ones in southern france, with a wide blue mediterranean sea facing it! WAHHHHHH~~~

and that's a cute lil white dress.... so pretty... ;)

Doreen said...

Thanks! And Happy 2008 to you too! (^_^)

Oh that one! I think I saw it before, somewhere, can't remember liao. Really pretty! Have to go during their summer. I also wanna go there! Hehehe