Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So gone the 2007 like a rocket. If I were to reflect what I’d done for the past year, trust me, I will be sitting here forever while my mind strolling along the Memory Lane! I’m just too lazy to think, and Mr.brain who is currently still in holiday mood is not helping at all. At quick glance, all I could think of was my Hong Kong trip, a hair perm, signing an employment contract for my new job and a very “happening” Christmas/New Year break.

So yeah, I can surely recap my “happening” break, being a house slave that is! A long to-slave list which now only down to 3 items, consider that a pat on my (and Rick’s) back. After all the tidying, cleaning, brushing, spraying, washing, gardening, mowing etc, the house now looks so much better, not without massive killing of crawling insects and spiders through out the process.

See, like I said, sparkling clean till can hurt my eyes. Muahahahaha

Ok lah, I didn’t actually spend all my time 24-7 being a house slave. I had some fun too lah, otherwise life is just too sad to live liao. Agree?

The Christmas was quiet and spicy hot! No turkey or ham for dinner, but Tom Yum! Hehehehe

Then, of course the trip to Lavender Creek which I already bragged about liao.

Next, went to Catherine’s BBQ birthday dinner.

Yet another BBQ at home after a long day of hard work. There were only Rick, myself and Vell. It's summer mah, so lots of BBQs. Hehehehe

I've also spent most of my time at home, when not slaving away slaying bugs from a very cute game called Tumblebugs. That was just crazy and I am still stuck at the last level.

Finally, a spicy hot New Year day with curry laksa.

Now comes the new year, I haven't really sit down and list down my resolutions. Again, too lazy lah. However, there are 5 items I could think of at a drop of a hat. Stay healthy, be happy, work harder, a trip home to see my old folks and at least a vacation trip abroad.

Happy New Year Everyone!

May the new year brings whatever you wish for and be happy always!

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may said...

waaaa, really sparkling clean! can clean here too? *grin*

I love a good tomyam. yours looks really scrumptious... *slurp*

Happy New 2008, doreen! hope to see you here in Sydney someday, ya?

Doreen said...

Can, sure can clean. My hourly rate quite expensive one boh, one tiramisu, a coffee and your yummy curry! Hehehe

Would love to pop over the ditch one day hope this year it is. (^_^)

L B said...

Happy New Year, Doreen... Your house looks very gleaming! Have to wear sunnies... And the BBQ sausages look so...delicious! Can borrow?

Happy 2008!!

mistipurple said...

lb wants to borrow your sausages?!!
ok, i don't want to know.

house so nice. really beautiful. *dream dream*
happy new year, doreen.
*kissy pigi too!* *oink*

kljs said...

Happy New Year!!! Really like your "White among the purple" photos. ;)


Winn said...

looks like u did a lot of things wat. where got lazy? lazy is me....hehehe.i choose to come online instead of cleaning my house. one thing abt cleaning is..it is a repeatitive job. sigh i jus cleaned my room yest and its now messy again!!

keeyit said...

ok ma.. a fruitful year you got. times fly. so fast now is a new year.. older one year liao.. :(

No matter what I should look forward for a good start tomorrow ! happy new year..

Joker said...

Happy Holidays!!!

kyh said...

happy 2008! so delicious lookin' the tomyum!!! mama mia...

sylvia said...

Happy New Year 2008. All the foods look yummy...mmmm.....

mistipurple said...

cheng cheng cheng.. moolah falling from sky quick grab quick grab!

Doreen said...

l b:
Happy new year to you too LB! Nah, here is a big shade for you. Hehehe. You want to borrow my sausage ar? Then need to pay 2 back for each one you borrow wor. Hehehe

Happy new year! You kiss Pigi only? Me leh me leh? Bias one leh you. Hehehe

Happy 2008! That pic is now my wallpaper liao. Hehehe

Yeah, cleaning is s never ending job. So sien! You lazy? Aiya, you busy Penang-ing and KL-ing leh. So nice!

ilovepearly said...

Clean.....I am still working on it. So far behind... sniff :P

Liwan said...

i also want a home like yours!! Where i can keep dogs and BBQ in my own backyard (looking forward for that day to come).

The tomyam and laksa looked sooo nice!

mistipurple said...

emperor giving away free tei kors. think pigi want one? lol. *cabut*

mistipurple said...

or forgot. kiss doreen kiss pigi kiss doreen kiss pigi. not necessarily in that order. *cabut again*

Doreen said...

No lar, not older. We all a year younger! Hehehe

Happy new year to you! My holiday just ended :(

Happy happy! You want some tom yum? on the house!

Hey Sylvia! Happy New Year to you! New year, new start and shall start with food first! Hehehe

Wah~~so many so many. (0_0)!! *quick quick grab, Pigi helping too* Aiyak, no bag to put the $$! Sigh! :(

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, had to wear my sunglasses look at your beautiful, sparkling home, ha ha.
And your tom yam, bbq, laksa....alamak, now I have to ask my wife to make tom yam and laksa this weekend, ha ha.
Oh ya, you Summer down there now.
Last night we had -21'c frigid temp. Today -17'c.
Oh well, cannot complain, we choosed to live here, ha ha.
You have a nice Summer, Doreen, Lee.

eve said...

Eh...ni packet mia ka or sendri make mia paste for the curry laksa?..hehhe..looks so good la..*drools*.

a^ben said...

Happy new yr~!!!! :D

Chev said...

Sparkling clean
Can u clean my place for me too?

*drooling at the BBQ chicken wing, gigantic sausage and BBQ corn* :)

eastcoastlife said...

So early you spring clean for CNY ledi! Oops.... *looks at my pig-sty*

Hope you can pop over to Singapore for a visit this year. I bring you go n a Food Porn. hehehe....

cheerfulday said...

happy new year to you

Doreen said...

Hehehe, nvm you would enjoy more when you do it slowly.

You graduating this year right? Well, then I can see you getting your dream home pretty soon. Hehehe

Free tei kors? WANT!!! Pigi of course want, I want also leh. Hey, wait, those free teh kors are mens teh kors hor? Emm...then I don't want lah. Hehehe

Hehehe. Grab Misti. *both Pigi and I kissing Misti nonstop* Hehehe

-21?!?! MY GOD! I don't think I can survive with that temperature. Yeah, summer here, temperatures are just right though sometimes gets a bit muggy.

Both the curry laksa and Tom Yum are from those ready made paste lah. Me how can sendiri buat? Hehehe

Happy New Year to you too! You "song" lah, went to Bangkok. Hehehe

Clean your place ar? Sure can provided you pay for my air tickets to Penang lah. Deal? Hehehehe

Doreen said...

"bo bian" mah, only Christmas/NewYear got long breaks to do all these works.

Yes, I will be in Singapore for a weekend early March. Emmm....FOOOOOOD!!

Happy new year to you too!

Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you!
...I'm hungry looking at all this food!

irenecheong said...

you got to check out this blog!
It's abt food restaurants and review in singapore.


when r u arriving in sg?
prob one night, don , declan and i can have dinner with two of u at one of the better restaurant.
not buffet, but ala carte

mistipurple said...

knees bending slowly in purple garden.. look look for doreen's bike tights. *piak myself* (slowly)

Doreen said...

zen chef:
Happy New Year to you too! (^_^)

Hey thanks for the link! Wah~~there lots of nice nice food (pictures) in there, make me so hungry.

I'll be arriving on 1st March early early in the morning lah, and will stay over that weekend, leaving on Monday evening loh. A dinner together sounds good leh. You know I eat anything one lah, European, Chinese, Japanese, Korea or whatever is fine by me. Aiyo, I can't wait liao. Hehehehe

Hahaha~~today all slow motion one easy (typed slowly) *Doreen chasing Misti in the purple field* (very slowly) hahahaha (laugh slowly)

eastcoastlife said...

Oooo... Princess Doreen coming to Singapore! I wait for you.

mistipurple said...

back exercise time, doreen! come come i lift your legs slowly. lie facedown ie. haha. slowwly.

Doreen said...

Yes, I am coming to Singapore! I can't wait, wish to fly off tomorrow. Hehehehe. We should meet up ECL! Hehehe

1,2,3,4...2,2,3,4...(slowly)...*Pigi follows too*