Saturday, January 19, 2008

The little yellow flowers....TAKE 2

Those little yellow flowers that were mowed off couple of weeks ago are now back! This time, it wasn’t me rolling around the front yard, but Vell tottering around……..

On a separate note, I had a shopping spree today. There are sales everywhere, 50%-75% off, don’t think any gal can resist the temptations. I’m good, only bought two numbers. VERY HAPPY!! Hehehehe. Saving $$$ for my BIG SHOPPING SPREE in Singapore!!!!! Muahahahaha, think about it also drool……..

Let's play basketball with Pigi, anyone in?


eastcoastlife said...

Your yard is huge! Great for rolling around! hehehe....

What do you want to buy in Singapore? Make shopping plans so as to save time to squeeze in as much things as possible!

Orchard Road - Ngee Ann City;
Marina Square and Suntec City;
Vivocity - nothing much to buy.

L B said...

I've been good. I did not spend anything on the sales over here. Not a penny.. Ok, let's do 3-aside basketball competition.

Doreen said...

I don't know leh, got so many things to look see look see in Singapore. I want to buy shoes, luv Charles and Keith's. I think likely to shop at Orchard Road and may be pop by Vivocity as I've never been there.

l b:
Yeah, you've been good not spending a penny on sales there, but only buying non-sale, new arrival stuff. Kekekekeke

Liwan said...

You coming over to Singapore!!! Whenwhen??

Doreen said...

Yeah, going to Singapore in March. Touch down on 1st March and only staying for that weekend lah. Hehehehe

Chev said...

yeah, someone coming back to Malaysia and Singapore soon. Don't forget to sapu all the good food ;)

mistipurple said...

Pigi coming? i will prepare his sty. er... that didn't sound right. :P

ilovepearly said...

Looks like a beautiful day, love those outdoor pictures.
Shop, can't wait to see what you got from there.

may said...

love love LOVE your dog in the field of yellow!

the sales are almost over here, but I've stopped buying too many unnecessaries as well. also saving up, but for a much bigger purchase! *wink*

mistipurple said...

i bring Pigi kai kai walk walk okay?

Doreen said...

Yeah, I already made a list of "must-eat" food liao, but not going to bring any back coz' the custom check here is too painful to bear.

Emmm....see if my luggage got enough space to accomodate Pigi or not lah. Hehehe

Hehehehe, I also can't wait to see what's there in, shoes, shoes!

Woooo~~~saving up for a mich bigger purchase? Emm......must be a car since you're getting your full driving license. Yes? Hehehe

can can! But dunno where Pigi is now leh. I think he went off to play with the rabbits next door. hehehe

mistipurple said...

Pigi play with rabbits! all of them sounds so succulent! not that i'm suggesting anything, lol!

keeyit said...

sales everywhere nowadays !
i still not yet start my chinese new year shopping le..

Winn said...

i wan i wannnnn to play too!! ! *raise butt*

Liwan said...

awwww...i'll be back in brizzie liao :( but enjoy the shopping and food!!!

eastcoastlife said...

You like Charles and Keith shoes? It should be having sales as it's after CNY.

Any time for a meet-up for a meal?

Doreen said...

succulent? Pigi so cute and the rabbits also adorable, cannot be succulent lah! Misti must be hungry.....maggi mee?

Har? Not yet? wah~~~2 more weeks only're one of those last minute shopper huh? Hehehehe

Okok, count you in. Me beginner, so be gentle k? hehehehe

Yeah, I thought you would have....You have been gone for quite a while already, when you back to brizzie?

Yeah, I heart Charles and Keith! Their stilletoes very comfortable!

Meet up? SURE! Meeting ECL busy also can make time. Hehehehe I will message you (through FB) about details then we can arrange for a time.

eastcoastlife said...

*knock knock*
*brings Milo and popcorn*
*brings balloon for Piggy*

Yahoo! Wait for your message.

mistipurple said...

my last stilettos was 25 yrs ago, hahaha

kljs said...

I want to play basketball with Pigi!!!!

eastcoastlife said...

misti wore stilettos when she was 3? So young ah.

Doreen said...

Wah~~~got milo and popcorn! Come come, let's watch movie. Hehehehe

huh? You mean the last time you wore stilettos was before you turn 1 year old? Hehehehe

ok, now we got enough to have a few rounds. Be careful, Pigi likes to play rough!

Hahaha, oh when she was 3? I thought when she was less than a year old leh? No?