Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dinner at Chicago Sports Cafe

3rd time lucky, this is how I call it. I had been wanting to try Chicago at Queens Wharf. 1st time, they were closed. 2nd time, they were booked for private function.

Today was a quite day. I guess many people still haven't quite back to full swing after the Christmas/New Year break. Oh well, quiet is good. Quiet means food comes faster. Hehehehe

Their food not bad, very big serving though my dish quite oily. Can't expect much out of a pork I supposed.

Me waiting for my feed!

My Jamaican Jerk Pork. See, very oily, but very very yummy!

Rick's Hurricane Burger. No, we didn't get blown away. It is named after Wellington rugby team in case you were wondering.

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Chev said...

*counting the calories*..
better throw away the calculator and enjoy the good food :P

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, taking a breather after watching the crazy stock markets here and in US. I took a hit on several too. But managed to run some.
Thus had no time do continuation of Irene's story. Will start after return from New Zwaland, ha ha. Will publis Saturday.
Wow! I love your Chicago! And both your's and Rick's food...I feel hungry now, ha ha.
Hey, you look real cool in your sunshades..looks like a Taiwanese actress taking a break, ha ha.
You keep looking good, Doreen, Lee.

Doreen said...

Yeah, let the calculator count it itself lah. But, I do feel fat today..... :(

The stock markets bounced back today I heard. Hope it keeps shooting up. Hahaha, Lee, your comments always flatter me thought I must say I am no way near those beautiful pretty Taiwanese actress. Hehehehe. I can see why you have so many romantic stories to tell. You keep well Lee.

eastcoastlife said...

You eat pork!!! Piggy shivering.... will his turn come... one day? hehehe.....

Doreen said...

Yeah, shhhh~~~~don't let Pigi know else he is gonna be mad for a week. Nah, there will not be Pigi's turn lah, he is too cute to be eaten. Hehehe

may said...

can expect a lot from pork wan! oily nevermind, all that matters is that it tastes good. :)