Thursday, February 07, 2008

Festival of the Elements

Wednesday, the eve of Chinese New Year, was also happened to be Waitangi Day, a public holiday NZ wide. We had this Festival of the Elements at Elsdon park in Porirua in celebrating this Waitangi Day. It was an extravaganza of arts, culture and entertainment with lots of interesting food stalls!

The park was packed with people..........

We saw this group of American Indian, Ricchary performing......

I was recording.........

I think their songs were very nice. I liked it. They even had their CDs on sale but I didn't buy, only tossed in $2 for them.

Then, there was this long queue at the Polynesian ice-cream stall......

They had the longest queue among all. It must be good! So, I follow suit and jumped in......

and holy moly! Look at these two big pineapples buckets filled with nicely sliced pineapple and topped with ice-cream!!

So yum....the pineapple itself was so sweet.....Best! They also had half of water melon topped with ice-cream. We initially wanted one melon and one pineapple, but by the time it got to our turn, melon sold out! (-_-) Sigh! I was drooling seeing other people scooping their huge water melon.

Oh well, lucky we still able to lay hands on the pineapples.

While we were enjoying our pineapples, we saw people walking aroud the park with some sort of huge golden fried yummy thing in their hands. Being a food fetish, we hunted around the park to find where it came from....and of course, we ended up stuffing ourselves with this huge fry bread...

It was already soaked with oil yet we requested them to spread on butter instead of jam or syrup. What were we thinking?!

We spent the rest of the day feeling very oily and guilty... (-_-) served us right! But...still.....YUM!


mistipurple said...

feeling very oily and guilty! lmao!
never mind, all good food are sinful. so might as well eat it the right way, sinfully! lol!

L B said...

I think someone was blogging about Orang Minyak.... Was it kyh? LOL!! Well, now I have a fair idea of what an Orang Minyak looks like!

slurp! said...

oh my goodness ... i thought you only got Maori folks there? LOLz

is there scallops festival over there?

ilovepearly said...

I want a pineapple too!

Wennnn said...

Happy Chinese New Year to U!!

Chev said...

doreen has become orang minyak?

i wanna eat the pineapple ice cream
eat liao sure very ONG wan :D

may said...

more butter the better! never enough butter. ever! and that ice cream looks so yum. hey, bring the celebrations here too! *waits at doorstep*

keeyit said...

oo.. seems hot at there..

the performance quite well too.. how about the chinese new year mood there ?

Doreen said...

hahaha, I have a sinful beginning of the year of the rat. Hehehehe.

l b:
Oh so what an Orang Minyak looks like? Where, where? hehehehe

We've got quite a mix of cultures here actually. scallops festival? What's that? Don't think we have it here....emm....I should go find out.....

hehehe, I should post one to you then!

slurp! said...

Check here

hmm ... I think this is Coromandel Peninsular, I was there during christmas, so never got the chance to attend this slurpilicious event!

This year held between 27th ~ 31 Aug 2008. if you like seafood, this gonna be a blast go go go north ... let me drool LOLz

p.s: I wish there are budget flights to NZ soon hahahaha

Liwan said...

deep fried bread with butter!!! Sounds awefully sinful! LOL

Doreen said...

Thanks! You too, Gong Xi Fa Cai! How's the CNY ambience over there?

Yeah, apparently I have became the so called Orang Minyak. Hahahha. Emmm....I should have eat lots and lots of pineapple that day loh, then can be very very ONG the whole year. Pineapple in can also count hor? Hehehe

Hehehe, May you also wanna be Orang Minyak ar? Good lah, join the club, the more the merrier. Hahahaha

It has been very warm/hot here. So hot that I even sweat sleeping at night. Sigh! Need to get myself a fan liao. Not much CNY celebration here apart from the festival events downtown.

mistipurple said...

*dingdong dingdong*
i'm out of butter. :P

Doreen said...

Hehehe, terribly awefully extremely undeniably sinful! Hahahaha

Oh...Wellington doesn't have this at all! I heart seafood, and scallop? I worship every one of them! Thanks for the info, I shall put it down to my calendar, hope to make it there this year. Hehehe

You want butter ar? I can squeeze some out of my tummy...want? give me a minute...hehehehe, so eeeewwwww hor?

mistipurple said...

hhaahaha. erm, not really.. *breathe deeply*

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, gosh! I suddenly feel like having ice cream.
Infact I love ice cream with pinapple chunks (from a tin) or with lychi or longan.
Its really nice to see your green grass and people in casual wear.
We had -31'c, yes, -31'c outside last night! And now still quite chilly at -18'c with more snow on the way tonight.
You sure look good in your latest profile pic, Doreen, like a Taiwanese actress, ha ha. Lee.

eastcoastlife said...

What a colourful festival! The pineapple ice-cream looks too delicious! .... and huge! I couldn't have finished it by myself.

The oily fried bread with butter is too sinful!!! OMG! Next time I'm short of butter, I'll come squeeze you. hehehe.....

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Human Day!

Your Mom is a Teochew, no wonder her daughters so pretty. Teochew ah nia well-known for their beauty. ahem ahem....

Try to find yu sang and lou yi lou - for good luck!

Doreen said...

Don't want meh? Nice wor, organic one wor...*Doreen trying to squeeze her fat* hehehehe or you prefer Pigi's fat? Hehehe

-31C?!?! My goodness, and I thought -2C was bad. Would like to experience -31C one day though. Hehehehe

Happy Human Day!

Yeah, my mum is Teaochew. Hehehehe. Oh didn't know Teochew gal is well-known for the beauty. My mum is indeed very pretty. hehehehe.

eastcoastlife said...

My Princess,
Happy Valentine's Day!!
*throws chocolates and red roses*

Doreen said...

Thanks thanks sexy! Hehehehe. I know you had a good valentine celebration too. Hehehehe