Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine at Pravda

Their awards



Focaccia and Olive Oil Selection
Selection Of Olives



Lamb Fillet
Grilled Grouper



Pumpkin Pie with Hokey Pokey Ice Cream
Lemon Sorbet with Melon



Concert by The Phoenix Foundation at Frank Kitts Park







L B said...

What a pretty girl all in Pink! What awesome olives!!
What pretty shoes!! What a sweet silver bow! What a cool flower!

Happy Valentine's Day, Adorable Doreen!!

mistipurple said...

happy valentine's sweet pretty girl!
*leaves a rose for pigi*

Winn said...

VERY HIGH HEELS! very pinky valentine! happy hug hug piggies to you ..and..happy 'pai tian kong' :P and happy cny, still:P

ilovepearly said...

Wow....looking sexy!
Dress is nice and food looks good!
Happy Valentine's!

mistipurple said...

i was a pink gal once upon a time. kkkk.

Doreen said...

l b:
Thanks LB! Those olives were great, not so sour and not so salty. Just right! I luv olives especially those one that we boil and dip with soya sauce back in Malaysia.

Pigi still playing with the rose leh. He was so happy receiving your rose. hahahaha. Did your romeo appear with roses?

Wah! so many happy occassions! Hehehe, same to you! I hadn't wear heels that high for a while liao, now find it quite hard to walk in. Need to do a bit more training. Hahaha

Thanks! Hope you also had a romantic valentine and Pearly too. (^_^)

Doreen said...

You were? Then now leh? Not anymore meh? You dumped pink for purple? Hehehehe

Chev said...

very lenglui woh :)

psss.. those olive are fresh olive or preserved olive ah? :)

and pssss again..
piggy also starts dating liao?
so hang fook :)

Doreen said...

Those are preserved olive with olive oil all over! Pigi ar, no lah, don't think he is dating. He got a rose from Misti mah. Dunno if Misti meant it or not, or just play play with him? Hehehehe

mistipurple said...

hahahaa, so cute your response to chev! i not playing with Pigi's heart lah. i lup him kaw kaw. *cium* but looks like Pigi got himself a date on valentine's leh! *misti heart broken*

slurp! said...

Happy Valentine Day!
wow! so pretty in pink! :)
and what a lovely & cosy place to dine too.

I like the Hokey Pokey ice cream (vanilla with toffee bits), is this the most popular with kiwis?

curious, is wellington mostly windy & chilling?

eastcoastlife said...

You look sweeter in that pink dress. The restaurant got nice ambience. The food looks too yummilicious!

Even piggy also has a Valentine's date! hehehe.....

Doreen said...

Hahaha, Pigi thought you play play mah, so he went out on date with that gal loh. Hahahaha

Hokey Pokey is quite popular here, but still not as popular as chocolate ice cream.

Yep, Wellington is known for its windy and rainy weather. Probably not as chilling as in the South Island, but the wind is really a put off. Wind speed of 70kph is a norm for us here. The highest I have experienced so far is 160kph!!

Yeah, I quite like the ambience of that restaurant especially the beautiful chandaliers.

keeyit said...

Pink really suitable for valentine.. pretty.. hheee

Any present ?

sylvia said...

U look sweet in pink. Happy belated valentine. hehehehe....

Doreen said...

Hehehe pink romantic mah. Present ar...he gave me a dress. Hehehehe

Thanks wor, and happy belated valentine to you too. (^_^)

Liwan said...

awww u made me want to go back on my word -- not to fall prey to commercialism. and you look so pretty with the flower in your hair!!

Happy (belated :p) Valentine's Day!!!!

may said...

so romantic, so sweet that pink dress, so pretty you looked, so delicious the food! woot!

Doreen said...

Hahaha, nevermind, it's ok to go back on your word one. I'll pretend never read that post of yours. What? what did you just said? Hehehe

Hehehe, thanks. *blushed* (=^_^=)

The food is delicious, but hor, the dessert actually so so only. I didn't like it :(

slurp! said...

>> The highest I have experienced so
>> far is 160kph!!
OMG, that's the force of hurricane??

Doreen said...

It was not a hurricane as such. Just a quick blow of wind for a few mins. There were cars got blown off the motorway (read from newspaper) Scary!