Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fish 'n' Chips

Rick won a $20 fish and chips voucher at Fresh Seafood from 98FM The Breeze by successfully guessing the song the DJ was humming. At first, we were like...OMG, $20 of fish and chips? How to eat? Normally $6 of fish and chips is more than enough for two of us, and $20? would be too much to take!

Well, when we stepped into the shop, lookind at their price list, $20 wasn't too much lah. They are so much expensive than those we normally have. After a bit of number crunching, here is what we ordered......

1 crumbed fish $3.20
1 scoop of chips $2.50
1 egg burger $5.90
6 fried mussels $0.90 each
2 fried scallops $1.40 each

TOTAL $19.80

The old lady, asian, suspect the owner who took the order was not very friendly. Her face was as black as charcoal. Anyway, here is the deal......

Then, we realised we have actually been given (mistakenly by the staff) 6 fried scallops and 2 mussels instead of 2 scallops and 6 mussels we ordered. Muahahahaha.

Ok, so the food was quite good, fish very fresh but with that price and the surly lady boss, I don't think I will go back again if not for another free voucher!

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L B said...

Here's wishing you & Rick more Free $20 Vouchers for more fried scallops & co!! :-) Must listen to more love songs!!

david santos said...

Heelo, Doreen!
Great posting and good food.
Good menu!
Thank you

ilovepearly said...

I guess it's good for a quick bite to eat. Though out of the food you order, I probably would dig into the chips, fish and scallops :P

kljs said...

The food looks nice! Wished I could try it too!

Chev said...

So nice. Free voucher
Free stuff is always good stuff, huh? :D

the egg burger is quite pricey too..

Winn said...

fish and chip and i suddenly spot a fish burger! looks so big juicy and yummy. makes me wanna take a bite. share share ?;)

Doreen said...

l b:
Haha, thank you thank you! Free stuff is always good, thought this one need a bit of luck to get the line through. Hehehe

david santos:
Hi David! The food was surely good, the free voucher was even better! Hehehe

Hahaha, the scallops were really nice, so much nicer than the chips! Hahaha. Once in a while is good, too much of these is really unhealthy.

The food was nice, and very oily too. I guess oil is the main ingredient of fish and chips.

Yep, FREE is always good! Yea loh, the egg burger quite pricey, even more expensive than McD. But it was really filling, I could only eat half of it. The other half to the tong sampah (i.e. Rick) hahaha.

It is not a fish burger leh, it is egg burger. Egg with meat pattiy and salads. Lai, take a bite! *passing the egg burger to Winn*


keeyit said...

some more got free voucher le.. good... the portion quite big le

mistipurple said...

good start to new year. means good luck. *takes a big bite too, after winn's had her's*

Doreen said...

Yeah, quite big for just two persons, but free one mah, must spend wisely. Hehehe

Just a big bite? Nah, come lah, take another bite. *Pushing the big burger into Misti's mouth* Hehehe

may said...

waaaa, all that seafood can last me a week! I absolutely love fish and chips. feel like having some for lunch this week.. nyum!

mistipurple said...

lol, thanks. you know i was eyeing for another bite don't ya?

Pigi's date not here ah? he's alone again. misti got chance again, LOL! oh my, i'm a pigdophile! :P

Doreen said...

Hahaha. You luv fish and chips ar? Fish and chips is good provided the fish is fresh else...yuck! Hehehe

Oh yes! One bite is never enough one. Hehehe Pigi's date has gone back liao, so yeah, you can have him whenever you want lah. Hehehehe

slurpI said...

I think that's really expensive!
How much will a seafood platter costs over there?

Had the most satisfying seafood platter @ coromandel for about NZD22

eastcoastlife said...

The lady owner showed a black face because you presented the free voucher?

The fish and chips look yummy though. This meal is good enough for 2, it's cheaper than in Singapore though.

Countdown to your royal highness visit to Singapore!!

Doreen said...

Your seafood platter is heavenly! I'm not sure about the exact price, but should be along that figures.

You were visiting only Coromandel? How about south island? it is really beautiful there.

Yeah, I suspect so. So bad one hor? If she didn't like, then don't give out voucher mah.

Singapore one is those proper restaurant one right? This one is those newspaper takeaway leh, so cheaper lah. Hehehe

Yeah, counting down....hehehehe Eh, sexy, we still on for the meet-up?

slurp! said...

We did not cover South island (not even wellington) due to time constraints. we started at Paihia, explored surroundings & 90 Mile Beach, Cape Reinga.

after that, we're mostly based in Hamilton with short day trips out to various locations.

of coz Coromandel is a trip itself which we stayed at Tairua.

Yes South island will be one fine day when i can afford to go for longer leaves.

Welcome to Singapura! :D

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, I adore fish&chips. Fell in love with it lonnng ago while studying in UK.
And here once every two months will have one at different stores.
But I have only been to McDonalds 3 times in 21 years! One to eat, twice for coffee with friends.
Not a lover of fast food.
Ahhh, but Vietnamese noodles? Wonton ngau lum? This is my kind, ha ha. Our wonton here same size as a golf ball, 7 full size shrimps inside.
Your pics of the fish and chips sure look delicious.
What fish was it?
I love Haddock, and roe.
You having Summer now?
The snow outside homes here 4 feet high, all turned into icebergs solid!
Can't remember what green grass looks like, ha ha. Had snow since X'mas!
Oh well, when in Rome...
You have a nice day, Doreen, Lee.

Doreen said...

Oh I had quite an unusual itinerary. You've seen places that not many tourists get to visit. Hehehe. Well I do hope you come back again for South Island. (^_^)

Fish and chips used to be the cheapest dinner, but nowadays, it gets quite expensive. I'm not sure what fish that was really, I couldn't tell and didn't ask. Hehehe.

It's nearly the end of summer though it is still scorching hot. Wish there were snow here. Hehehe.

kyh said...

woooh yummy yummy.... *rushes for lunch*

eastcoastlife said...

Of course we must have our meet up! I won't bring you for Fish and Chips in Singapore, although we do have some good places selling it.

What do you crave most? I'll give you my contact number in Facebook.