Saturday, February 02, 2008

It is an eventful weekend.

The Chinese New Year Festival has began.....

We also have the famous annual rugby seven keeping Wellington busy and colourful. It is an event where fancy dressing meets sport. I couldn't see how dazzling costumes are related to SEVEN but I guess it is a culture adapted since god knows when. Those rugby enthusiasts and the attention grabbing bunch definitely went all the way to impress......

The Flintstons

The Mexicans. Oops, I spoilt the pic!

The Pink

The seductive frenchmaids *drools*

The sexy patriots

Elvis comes to live!

The Japanese...konichiwa

Ok, let's take a tea latte anyone?


Maids of Poker?

The TUI gals

Elvis and the sexy TUI gals. Elvis changed outfilt already!

Not sure about this one. Can anyone help?

The Poker Cards

Hulk dating Wonder Woman? Since when?

Kermit the Frog!!

Now here comes my favourite........

The bikini babes!!




They are just too cute!

1 2 3 4 5 Things I Love

LB gave me homework on 1 2 3 4 5 things I love. Thought I better hand in the assignment before the Emperor gets ticked off and order to hunt my head down. Hehehe

Name 1 thing you do everyday:
• Eat

Name 2 things you wish you could learn:
• To play violin
• To be more tactful in dealing with people

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:
• Bombing off firecrackers in longkang
• The rubber rope game “zero-point”
• Donald Duck

Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do:
• Rice dumplings 粽子(Zhong Zi)
• Stir fry durian’s flowers with belachan! (Haven’t had that for more than a decade!)
• Durian!!
• Fried oysters with egg 蠔仔煎

Name 5 things that make you feel good:
• Knowing it’s a Friday/Saturday evening, and there is no bedtime or alarm clock in the morning. (hehehe, garfield LB!)
• Food, lots of fooooood!
• Holiday particularly loooooonnnng holiday
• When people I love are happy
• When weighing myself, the bathroom scale gives me the magic figures.

Okie dokie, job done. Goodnight!

Pigi still doesn't want to go to bed. He wants to play firecrackers. How naughty! CNY not yet arrived already he wants to scare the craps out of Vell. (>_<)!


L B said...

Very fast homework! Now I have to recall my Mafia Hit men and tell them not to bring me your head.. Contract cancelled! Just in Time!
(What's stir-fried durian flowers with belachan? Eh? Sounds good!)

Those Tyrollean folks from Austria? Switzerland? The Sound of Music?

Happy CHinese New Year!!

Liwan said...

awww i miss Chinese New Year!!! I didn't get to celebrate it last year and will be missing it this year too *sobsob*

That's a dutch maid i think. It's so interesting in NZ!! It's so boring here....

slurp! said...

I'm surprised, didn't see that much asian while I was in Hamilton! I wonder the asian makeup how many percent of population in Wind City? thks!

Doreen said...

l b:
What? You actually already arranged your Mafia men to get me? Lucky I did the assignment last night then. Phew! No mess with the Emperor man!

I guess those Tyrollean folks are locals. Hehehe

Me too....I have missed for so many years and this year too. :(

Dutch maid you think? Emm...she does look like those on the condensed milk can. Hehehehe. No cny celebration there in Brisbane meh?

Yeah, not much asian in Hamilton. It is a very small place. Not sure about the asian population in Wellington, but I could easily spot one on the street. Auckland and Christchurch definitely have higher population.

may said...

hey cool pix! love the colours. they probably have CNY performances down in Chinatown but I'm too lazy to go find out... kekeke!

ermmm... that pix you need help with... barmaid?

Chev said...

walao, so eventful geh? How come we don't have such thing in Malaysia?

Btw, must piak Piggy's hand. Cos he is notti and wanna play with fire crackers. Notti Piggy.

*Bring out rotan* :P

Doreen said...

Barmaid? hahaha, good one May!

Oh you're not joining the celebration in town?

Aiya, Malaysia got others liao mah, like...Thaipusam, Deepavali, Malay new year etc Kiwis are generally a bit siao one lah.

*Pigi quickly go hide*

mistipurple said...

Bavaria Lederhosen costumes for the guys, Dirndl for the gals.

German of course. *wink*
and i might be wrong all over of cos!

mistipurple said...

hope this appears better. :P

mistipurple said...

paiseh, you've got to join up the two up there to get it.
sometimes it works depending on how i click it. jialat i always have trouble posting long links. spam you already, feel bad. *hides behind pigi*

mistipurple said...

now really spam.
i like your long hair. looks so.. long. haha. sexy lah i mean.

kyh said...

woooh seems so fun! it's interesting and heartwarming to know that foreign countries value our traditions well. :)

Doreen said...

wah~~~really spamming me huh? hehehe

You really resourceful wor. The costume matches exactly to the site you gave. They probably ordered from there. Hehehehe

The long hair ar....hehehe the long parts are not mine. Hehehe. Extension lah. Hehehe

Yeah. There are a resonable size of Chinese comunity here, and the council is quite supportive of the event too. :)

keeyit said...

At least, you all have chinese new year celebration... Good good

eastcoastlife said...

Love the bikini babes! These people are so cool! And I love your new hairdo!

Doreen said...

Yeah, better than none hor?

Hahaha, you mean the bikini boys? hehehehe.