Monday, January 28, 2008

First day of the new era

Dressing up nicely and getting all excited! Very happy!

No more window view but doesn't matter much. I had a good day. It was full-on, very busy. Overviews, introduction, unpacking, meeting people and all. I am loving it!

It is also sweet Rinnah's birthday today. So....


May all your wishes come true

*hugs & kisses*

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eastcoastlife said...

Happy Birthday Rinnah!

Wow! You look more like going jalan jalan than to work. kakaka.... so pretty lah lady!

You can eat the crispy roast pork when you come to Singapore. Let's go Geylang to call duck! I mean eat duck. hehehe....

whisper : Piggy not coming, right? He would be sad to see the crispy roast brother.

may said...

you look like a pretty yellow daisy yourself! woo-hoo! first day of new work? exciting... hope you have an easy week, yeah!

Happy Birthday, RinRin! muaks

Doreen said...

This is my working attire wor. I don't go jalan jalan like this one, too demure. Hehehehe

Yeah, go Geyland call duck, oops I mean eat duck. Hahahaha. But Geylang a bit far right, from north side of Singapore?

No lar, Pigi not coming. I don't have space (in luggage) to accomodate him. Heheheh.

hehehe, thanks leh. It's summer mah, so colour also very summer loh.

L B said...

Happy Birthday Rinnah Poo!

You're gorgeous! Love the color of the tights..They go really well with your skirt. And your bag!

Winn said...

rinnah happy birthday to you!

doreen i like ur banana skirt! stunning bright sunrise color for an eventful day huh? unlike me work clothes are all.....dull color the old black grey blue dark green white...
just like my life la. heeeee:P

keeyit said...

You really know how to dress up yourself well. You look very professional in that look plus a bit feminine and cheerful with the yellowish skirt.. I must learn more from you on how to dress up myself..

Between, well done for the first day ya. :)

Chev said...

Hou leng ah :)

How's your first day?
Hopefully everything goes on well ;)

Happy Birthday Rinnah

ilovepearly said...

Looking cute, bright and happy!

mistipurple said...

pretty doreen, you can eat me any time. nahhh.. try the finger first. :P

happy birthday rinnah baby! ah, no longer baby lor.

Doreen said...

l b:
hehehe. Thanks! The tight is purple, more like egg plant. The colour doesn't show out much in the pic though.

You want some banana? Heheheh. Dark colour clothes more professional and serious, different kind of looks, good also. Aiya, your life where got dull, you have Liucas the cutie leh.

Aiya, paiseh paiseh. No lar, not learning from me but more precisely, we share share ideas. Hehehehe

Thank you chen! My 1st day very good. Busy but got a lot done. I like the environment there too.

I was a walking banana! Hahahaha

hahaha, sure I can eat you? Emm...I like to have tomato sauce on my meat.... *squeezing tomato sauce on Misti's finger* Hehehehe

kljs said...

Congratz on your first day of your new Era..... hopefully there will even better days to come!!!

alexander said...

Happy be-lated birthday.
I hope fun is not over yet!

I read your previous comments on my name. Haha...
That is why my mandarin name is "Qiang".

Alex's World! -

Irenecheong said...

Very nice!!!
i lov the skirt

Tracy said...

Doreen, you look really great in your "bright" = Yellow + Purple working attire.... not like me i working clothes only black, white & grey....

mistipurple said...

..ownself bring ketchup and chili for you. don't paiseh. bite bite.. *grins*

Doreen said...

Thanks! Really hope so.

Ic....your Christian name matches up with your Chinese name. What a hero! Hehehehe

Thanks! (^_^) I bought two identical ones. The other one is dark brown. Hehehehe

Thanks Tracy! Yeah, I use to have those black/grey colours working clothes too. Then I got sick of them coz' almost everyone on the street are in those colours.

hahaha! Emmm....lick first. *put more ketchup and mustard*

eastcoastlife said...

You will be staying in the North? Quite far from Geylang and my place. Can buy you the crispy roast pork for you to taste.... and Katong Laksa... and custard puff.... and chicken rice .... hehe...

misti's finger nice to eat anot?

Doreen said...

Yeah, staying at my bro's. Geylang very far from north? Geyland near Changi?

Misti's finger very meaty and tender. Hehehehe

irenecheong said...

where did u buy the skirt?

Geylang is a bit far from our place. East coast road has a stretch of good food to eat! But really out of our way :( :(

Geylang is not really near changi, is a few MRT stations away from Bugis Station.

irenecheong said...

where can we find good crispy roast pork?

doreen, near bugis, there's really very good rochor beancurd!!!

Doreen said...

Bought the skirt from CUE, an Australian designer brand. They were having 70% off on this skirt!! That's why I bought two different colours. Hehehehe

rochor beancurd? What's that?

irenecheong said...

beancurd. .. is it Tao Hueh or rather in sarawak they called it
Tou Fu Hua.