Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Annual dinner at Banquet

Attended annual dinner at this newly opened restaurant, Banquet. Food was quite nice.......



Thought the ceiling lights was nice

Me and my parents


Entree - Five varieties dishes combination

Hot & spicy crispy chicken


My mum and I


with my niece. She is a real sweetie.

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mistipurple said...

your mom is gorgeous! and your daddy handsome also. no wonder the resulting baby ie, you is so pretties!
hubby also good looking, ah yoooo your family all look like film star.

Doreen said...

Hahaha thank you leh misti you so sweet though film star may be a bit over-rated lah. Hahahaha. My mum is very pretty I must admit. Hehehehe

L B said...

Love the ball-like lights! Very the klang klang! I approve! :-)

I thought it was roast duck at first sight.. but still drool, nevertheless..

kljs said...

really a banQuet ........ the food looks delicious......

Alicia said...

annual dinner??? sound to me like office annual dinner.. was that in Kuching???

sylvia said...

Go there once, celebrate my mum b'day. food not bad.

keeyit said...

You really good in fashion.. You wear very nice.. I must learn from you liao.. pretty..

ilovepearly said...

Food looks to DROOL FOR!!!!
Your dress looks nice, especially the color!

Doreen said...

l b:
We did have roast duck, but it was too yummy that all I could think of was eat, so no photo of it. Hehehe

Yep, the food really very nice. Highly recommended.

It was my father in law's company annual dinner lah. It is in Kuching (^_^)

I heard that when they first opened, their "dim sum" service very bad. Hope they've improved now.

har? me? no lah, I dress depending on mood one. Hehehehe, if mood not good hor, I dress like a begger. Hahahahaha

Thanks. The colour is bright and fresh. I was choosing between this colour and the blue one but I think this colour suit me better. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

looks a lovely place along with the lovely looking mouth-watering are also looking gorgeous!

eve said... !!!!..You look gorgeous....and u look like your mom..:)

Winn said...

eve said Food looks gorgeous not you worrrr...

i say you look more gorgeous than the food lor. *slurp* ...but your mommy more gorgeous than u. and you are more gorgeous than piggy!! *scratch piggy's head*..hahaha..

eastcoastlife said...

Ooo... your Mom looks so good! What's her secret? Kuching water is better?

The food looks yummy wor....
*scribbles down name of restaurant*

Where's the handsome nephew?

Doreen said...

Thanks flyingstars. I think the food more gorgeous. hahaha

Ya FOOOOOOD!! hehehehe. I look like my mom? Some said I look like my dad. Hehehehe

Hahaha, so from what you said mom is the most gorgeous lah, and Pigi is the least? Hahaha *shhh...don't tell Pigi*

Hehehe, she got good genes lah. Hahaha. Actually she stayed in Singapore for 2 years leh, so Singapore water also not bad then.

The handsome nephew enjoying those yummy food in Miri loh. Me meeting him tomorrow leh. Hehehe

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow! When I saw the gorgeous lady beside you, I thought your sister.
Beauty sure runs in your family!
Your dad good looking gentleman...can see he's proud of the two gorgeous girls beside him.
And sure looking good!
Glad I'm retired, as well in Canada, otherwise my florists will retire early, ha ha.
You have a nice weekend, Doreen, Lee.
ps, are you by any chance Shanghainese genes? Or Taiwanese?

slurp! said...

hmmm .. that's in kuching?
how far was it from the waterfront? thks!

guess i haven't roam around too much

Doreen said...

Hi Lee! Thanks for your kind comments. My mum is so much prettier than me when she was my age. Lucky dad of mine. Hahaha.

No lah, I don't have any Shanghainese or Taiwanese genes at all. Not that I aware of anyway. My grandparents were all from small villages of China.

Yep, that was in Kuching. The restaurant is around 8km from the waterfront. Not far.