Friday, April 18, 2008

台灣小吃 (Taiwanese snacks)

Warning: Post contains mouthwatering pictures that may cause non-stop drooling. Recommended reading after meal. If drooling persists for an extended period, please keep stuffing yourself with food, lots of fooooood!!

Taiwan is undoubtedly a food heaven. If you're a glutton like me, who lives to eat then Taiwan is a must-go destination. There are tonnes of funny named, interesting looking finger licking food that would make you forget all about your shopping spree I tell you. SERIOUS!

Here is just a handful to whet your appetite.....

Tofu stuffed with Vermicelli

"Iron Egg" - basically five spices marinated hardened egg

Barbecued fermented tofu

Deep fried fermented tofu

Ice-cream with Peanut flakes roll

Squid sausage

Seaweed flavoured spiral potato chips

"Big roti wraps small roti" - curry flavoured breadcrumbs wrap

The famous "Ah Zong thin rice noodles"

And comes my favourite, the most delicious among all (for me anyway)

Yes, it is fried bread with stuffing of your choice. I so love it, and now still missing it. 讚! 讚! 讚! 超讚!

Mind you, it is 官財板 NOT 棺材板 (coffin) ok though they sound the same. Taiwanese very superstitious one. I think no one would ever want to eat it if it is called 棺材板. Hehehehe


L B said...

Wow!! Squid sausage?!! Interesting! Black ink got ah? Luckily I opened your blog AFTER my lunch! Or else sure die wan.

keeyit said...

I can't tahan liao.. I must plan to go taiwan.. I love taiwan food !

Chev said...

my goodness...
i wanna visit Taiwan liao..

LOL regarding 棺材板..
if someone named their food product as 棺材板, sure bankrupt one :P

Kay said...

I'm going to cry..... stomach grrrrrr......

Doreen said...

l b:
Yep, squid sausage it is, and already de-inked liao (got such word?) Hehehe.

Yeah, yeah, go Taiwan!! Must go!! Can forget about shopping if not enough time, but must eat all the yummy food!

Your next holiday, Taiwan it is!! Yeah, no one is dumb enough to named their food product like that unless they find it challenging enough to try. Hehehe

hehehe, but you always have nice lunch and dinner!! I drool everytime I read your post. Hehehe

eastcoastlife said...

Lucky I read after a good breakfast and lunch... hehe...

I miss all these Taiwanese snacks! In fact there are too many and all taste yummy! Those are the reason you became a dark rough ball huh! hehehe....

Doreen said...

Yeah, the food in taiwan is just too good, to tempting....still I have no regrets being turned into a dark rough ball...hehehe

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, wow, the food all look real delicious.
You sure a real food lover.
As for me, I eat to live, not live to eat...not the type to go around just to find a certain stall.
Love the songs you have now.
Have a nice day, Doreen, Lee.

Alicia said...

eh... are you getting loaded after having your 官财板 ??? Taiwan got one shop.... the tables are 棺材, the ambiance is like in Hell.... u dare to go or not....

mistipurple said...

well... you did warn us before reading.. :/

Chev said...

haven't tag u for long long long time liao..

Hence u r tagged :P

MarinaMarburg said...

now I'm hungry :(

mistipurple said...

i forgot you warned us again.. :P

Doreen said...

Yeah, foodlover I am, or to be exact foodcraze. Thanks for dropping by Lee. You enjoy your weekend.

Got such place? I didn't know leh. Aiya, else I definitely go. See how hell the place is. The waitresses/waiters dress like ghost too? Emmm.....

Hehehe, hope your drools didn't flood the whole room. Hehehe *give misti one fermented tofu*

chev: come I could somehow smell this coming? Hehehehe. Will hand in my assignment soon.

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. *give marinamarburg one fermented tofu*

*give Misti another fermented tofu and a squid sausage*