Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taiwan: First night in Taipei

We arrived into Taiwan on the night of 19th March. After a 7-hour flight (including flying from Kuching to KL), we were already quite exhausted. Hence, we only went for a brief walk to take pleasure in Taipei's night, a simple take-away dinner and retired early to recharge ourselves for the next day...









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L B said...

Nice bed!
Zoomy Taxis!!
Pretty Girl!!
One Samsung!!
At the Junction!!
One Zebra!!
Two Cup Noodles!!

mistipurple said...

yattaaa no smelly tofu this time!!
where is pigi? at the tofu stall whiffing? lol. :P

eve said...

Clear soup geh?..

eastcoastlife said...

Taiwan is 不夜天!Meaning there are lots of places to go even during early morning (after midnight). You should go to the KTV or pubs.

There are lots of night markets too.

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, beautiful pics, well taken especially in tricky nightshots.
Love yourpics.
I was last in Taipeh in the city and especially the Mountain peoples or natives.
And the food in Taipeh is simple out of this world to.
Best regards, Lee.

kyh said...

wow so bustling and clean and the food looks yummy!!! *slurps*

Chev said...

even the simple take away dinner looks good too :)

Trinity said...

Waaaa!! I want to go there! F4 lives there.. huahahaha...*spying F4 on your pictures* *can't find them*

if you happen to see Jerry Yan or Zai zai, please ask their autograph for me! LOL

Doreen said...

l b:
That's a very good summary! Short and straight to the points! LOL

Pigi? He almost finished all the tofu at the tofu stall and got chased away. So he is acting very kolian hiding behind me. LOL

Ya, clear soup leh. Not supposed to be clear soup one meh?

Yep, there are really a lot of happening in the city. We where got time to go KTV? Hehehehe, only if we have more time...sigh! Next time lah.

wah~~that was more than 20 years ago you were in Taipei! Thinking of going back for a visit?

Yeah, very nice city! The people there so friendly can just melt your heart!

The simple dinner made me very full and happy!

Happy 1st Blogaversay!!

Haha you are a F4 super fan huh? If I see Jerry or Zai zai, I will go crasy I tell you and probably would forget about autograph. Hahaha! If you don't mind, I can kiss them for you?