Friday, May 02, 2008

Superpower Tag

An ocipala Superpower Tag from Chev Good for those who loves reading comics, watching cartoon or fiction stories. :) *ini saling bulat bulat dari Chev* Hehehe

1. Superhero power I want
Can do things with mind

2. Why?
Powerful loh. See, if I want to fly, then I can fly. If I want to be invisible, then can be invisible. If I want to heal people, I can also and the list go on……..

3. Downside of this power
I have to remain sober all the time. If get too frustrated and can’t control my mind, the whole world will go down with me.

4. My superhero nickname
The SuperMind *lame*

5. My motto
To help the good and condemn the bad

6. Sworn enemy
My own mind

7. Official vehicle
Flying board (neh~~like the one silver surfer used in F4)

8. Day job
Mainly in the office working as my current job lah, have to conceal my identity like Superman also mah

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L B said...

Yes, dangerous if you gone mabuk! Imagine the whole world hiccuping and throwing up!! LOL, but can you send me a few lormaikais first?

Chev said...

LOL at LB's comment

I like your answer for Question 8
conceal identity like Superman :D

keeyit said...

I only want doraemon superpower.. kekekeee.. not greedy ma...

Trinity said...

hm... one silver surfer?? you think I will not read this post and you feel free to mention F4 behind me? Ha? Ha?

*counter Doreen's power*
*use harry potter's coat to be invisible and save all F3 from Doreen* *Leave KenZhu for her though..*

I am generous enough to you.

Doreen said...

L B:
Hahaha, lormaikais?….well….I only fight for peace not delivering lormaikais. Chev probably the most appropriate hero you should call for this. Hehehehe. Oh well, nevermind, I will do it, only for LB. Hehehehehe

Yeah, must conceal mah, else I will be very busy saving this and that, and have no more life. I might also get caught and sent to some sort of science centre for experiment leh. Scary! Must conceal, must conceal!

Hahaha, Keeyit, you’re so cute! Doraemon power is actually quite powerful and he always got so many cute gadgets. I love his propeller flying thingy that attached to his head. So cute!

Wah~~~wah~~~ strong smell of vinegar here…hehehehe. Emmm….can sense very strong affection of Trinity towards F4. I guess, I better back out before somebody gets hurt. Hahaha

Okok, no point fighting men over blogger-friendship. You can have F4 (including Ken) and I stick with my new found love – Fahrenheit. Deal? Don’t tell me you also like them? (o.0)

eastcoastlife said...

Whoa! The super Doreen! hehe.... Can read other people's thoughts would be fun hor.... nobody would dare to tell lies any more. hehe....

*avoids mention of F4 to avoid another fight*