Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sexy birthday only for ECL!


Here, a dozen of purple roses for you...

Don't worry, they won't withered, they're crystal

Now, the birthday cake!

Quick quick make a wish (or many wishes)

And, blow off the candles (special transparent candles here)


*Doreen plants a kiss on ECL's cheek and dip ECL face into the cake!*

*run~~~to play fireworks with Pigi*

Wish you endless happiness, good health & all your dreams come true



L B said...

Happy Birthday to ECL!!!
Long may she enjoy these crystal purple roses
and short may the transparent candled cake last!!

Chev said...

Happy Birthday ECL
Forever Young and Forever Pretty :)

Doreen said...

l b:
She is probably enjoying her many cakes, either eating or playing with it. Hehehe

Happy Birthday to ECL

...and forever sexy!

Happy Birthday to ECL

Wennnn said...

Happy birday to ECL!!! Nice crystal... hehhhehehe I like!!

Trinity said...

Happy birthday ECL! Doreen I love the purple flower!

eve said...

HAppy Birthday ECL !!.. Eh wait...go to her blog n wish her sin...

mistipurple said...

happy birthday ECL!
the crystal flowers are lovely!

oceanskies79 said...

Lovely crystal flowers and birthday cake. I am sure they have put a smile on Eastcoastlife's face. :)

It is so thoughtful of you.

Doreen said...

Wennnn!!! How are you? Feeling better already? Baby coming when?

Happy Birthday to ECL

You love the purple flower? Ok, note it down. I give it to you on your birthday ok? Emmm...need to check when is your birthday. You in Facebook?

Happy Birthday to ECL

ECL will be very pleased to see you at her place!

Happy Birthday to ECL

The crystle flowers are as beautiful as ECL. Looks expensive and mysterious. Hehehehe

Happy Birthday to ECL

I really hope ECL enjoyed her birthday. She is a wonderful lady. Really like her!

Happy Birthday to ECL

eastcoastlife said...

you noti girl ah! Push my face into the cake!

Dearest Doreen,
So sweet of you! Thanks for your birthday wishes and special post! I read it on my birthday but couldn't reply due to poor connection, as I was at sea.

Thanks for your text. :)

The crystal roses are beautiful and I love the colour purple. The cake tastes yummy even though half of it is on my face! hahahaha....

To all my well-wishes, Thanks!!

*kiss kiss kiss*

Doreen said...

You're very welcome ECL! *hug*