Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taiwan: 宜蘭 Yilan

We spent a night in 香格里拉休閒農場, Shangrila Leisure Resort farm (This Shangrila has no connection whatsoever to Shangri-la luxury hotel chain) in Yilan to experience an authentic farm life. This is, for me, the best part of my trip. Ok, it comes second, after food then. It was a switch from the bustling Taipei to a peaceful countryside.

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場
Farm's owner cute pets: Ah Pui (left) & 樂樂 (right)

I really liked the quietness here, the greens, hills, breathtaking views and unpolluted nature. At above 250m sea level, the only noise you could here in this peaceful place was the noise of nature. It felt really good to be bounded by such a relaxing environment.

We had a long walk in the orchard to observe the fruit trees, flowers, guided by one of their very friendly staff named 小明 (xiao ming). Too bad it was not quite the fruiting season, else we could have picked the fruits for our eating pleasure there, for free (but not for take away), as we were told. I was actually targeting the dragonfruit. Oh well....

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場
People admiring the breathtaking view

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場
Heading to our room

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

Then, after dinner, we enjoyed some long forgotten activities provided by the farmstay such as playing spinning top - effectively our malay's toy - Gasing), making rice balls and releasing flying lantern.

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場
with fellow travellers, getting all set to 搓湯圓

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場
放天燈 - we wrote our wishes on the paper lantern and releasing it.

May all our wishes be granted

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

宜蘭 Yilan: 香格里拉休閒農場

It was all great fun and I am missing it already.....

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eve said...

Wahh...super lomantik...I like !!!..haha...

Chev said...

So nice..
Beautiful countryside..
Must be very peaceful and serene..

Err.. Ah Pui very cute leh
Someone really keep piglet as pet ;)

Trinity said...

I think yilan is Zaizai's home town.. am I right?

Trinity said...

I love that red roof.. woof woof..

and I do miss my Prince zai zai.. :-D

zaizai play with that paper lantern before.. *grin*

and he carved my name (zaizai loves trinity) at one of the wood over there too...

hmm.. so miss him.. kakakaka

eastcoastlife said...

It's really beautiful! I have seen some very cool farmstays in Taiwan but due to lack of time, haven't try them yet. Should find time to relax....

Yilan is a beautiful place and it has very good handmade mochi. :)

Doreen said...

Haha, you going to Taiwan next right? Make sure to spend a night or two there leh. Can be so lomantik with your hubby. Hehehe

I also want piglet as pet leh, but probably not quite practical. That Ah Pui is actually quite big.

Doreen said...

Ah yes, Yilan is Zai Zai's home town. I have never felt so close to Zai Zai. Muahahaha

I'm sure you miss him very much. Yeah, I saw your name in one of the wood. He then carved my name (Zai Zai & Doreen forever) on the tree just next to it. Muahahaha. Ok, I'm so in trouble right now. Trinity is going to hit me real hard and dump me into the sea. *sprint*

Doreen said...

Yeah, you should make Yilan one of your itenerary item in your next trip. It is really a good place to unwind and refresh.

L B said...

Love the pet Piggie!!! So cute... Happy Mother's Day, Doreen..

Doreen said...

l b:
He is a star! Hehehe

Happy Mother's Day to you too.

oceanskies79 said...

From the photos, I can sense that you have had a very memorable and enjoyable time at Yilan.

kyh said...

like somewhere in europe hor? but then, the plantations and hills kinda remind me of Cameron Highlands!

i love that piggie! so cutteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, everytime I pop into your blog I don't know to admire the scenery, you or the food, ha ha.
This time only that round delicious marbles, so one less sure one beautiful young lady!
Oh ya, love that cute piggy.
Obviously it won't be going into a pot, huh?
You sure take beautiful scenes and your night shots are breathtaking too.
Have a nice Sunday, Doreen, Lee.

Doreen said...

Yeah, missing it very much.

ya loh, I guess Taiwan weather quite similar to Malaysia's bah that's why the plantation quite the same.

zewt said...

wow doreen... havent u dont enough travelling already? :)

keeyit said...

I like the wooden peacock..

I never play Kong Ming Teng before. Hopefully one day I have the chance to write some greeting words on it.

Between, that guy is your boy friend ya? Hehe.. Both of you very ngam le..

Kay said...

So nice and green!
Bet it's very relaxing to be there and feel refresh.

mistipurple said...

i love the pic of you and rick.
so laam wor. *melts*
my best regards to rick for making you a happies gal, lol.

Doreen said...

Thank you for your sweet comments. Photos are mostly taken by Rick though. Hehehehe

You like the wooden peacock ar. Then I'm sure you will love the real peacock coming up later in my post. Hehehehe and that guy is Rick, yes, he is my bf and also my hubby. Hehehehe

Sometimes, actually most of the times (for me) it is good to be away from the polluted, noisy city. Returning to the nature really clear your mind.

Hahaha, I love that pic too (^_^)

Doreen said...

Sorry zewt, I don't know how I overlooked your comment. Anyway, talking about travelling, no never enough for me. There are so many places I want to go yet it's all restricted by time & $$. Sigh!

Trinity said...

yeah you got a lot of trouble now Doreen... no mercy! *chase*