Thursday, May 15, 2008

Taiwan: 花蓮 Hualien

We left Yilan very early in the morning and made our way to Hualien. Before leaving Yilan state, we had a quick stop at 南天宮媽祖朝 (Nantien Temple), the landmark of 南方澳 (Nafanau) and also the centre for the traditional religion of the locals. The temple houses the biggest pure gold 媽祖 statue in South East Asia, weights 200 kg!

南天宮媽祖朝 Nantien Temple
Arriving Nantien Temple

南天宮媽祖朝 Nantien Temple
Gold statue of 媽祖. 全身皆為純金打造

南天宮媽祖朝 Nantien Temple
Jade statue of 媽祖

南天宮媽祖朝 Nantien Temple
View from the temple

The famous local delicacy, peanut and ice-cream wrap just outside the temple. The auntie was shaving the huge peanut block to make peanut flakes

Here is the close up

I chose yam flavour. 超好吃!

太魯閣國家公園 Taroko Gorge

It is one of the most spectacular natural wonder's of the world. It is well known for its abundant supply of marble, thus the name Marble Gorge. The gorge itself was carved into the marble by the erosive power of the Liwu River. This place offer many sights but we didn't explore too detail into it due to the potential hazards. We were told of cases where travellers had died being hit/buried by the falling rocks, and even our tour guide has had a fair share of experience. So in the interest of the group's safety, we were brought to visit the hazard free sights only. I guess it is better be safe than sorry.

太魯閣國家公園 Taroko Gorge

太魯閣國家公園 Taroko Gorge

太魯閣國家公園 Taroko Gorge
Two marble sculptures

太魯閣國家公園 Taroko Gorge
Marble Bridge



Cafe at 長春祠
The cafe here selling their infamous coffee, made from natural hot spring water. It tastes quite different but I like! I ordered a cup of coffee and a green tea cake

Cafe at 長春祠

Cafe at 長春祠
Enjoying this beautiful scenery over a cuppa. This is what I call life!

Cafe at 長春祠

Marble Factory

We also visited a marble factory, admiring all the impressive jade/marble sculptures, vases and whatnot.

Marble factory

Only if I could take Mickey home.....

阿美文化村 Ami Aboriginal Cultural Village

Then it's time to enjoy some local Aboriginal cultural show at their Ami Aboriginal Cultural Village. The show was an eye-candy, very colourful, cheerful and full of talented pretty/handsome dancers.

20080321_Hualien 086

20080321_Hualien 093

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oceanskies79 said...

The peanut and ice-cream wrap looks delicious and satisfying.

I was particularly attracted to the Ami Aboriginal Cultural village. I don't know anything about them and their culture but they look so carefree.

Trinity said...

love the astonishing scenery! Wow China is so beautiful... too bad I don't speak chinese.. hehehe.. well ok lah, got zaizai and jerry to accompany me someday, become my personal guide and guard.. ahem!

*hold Doreen*
*Doreen can't run away*

What will you say Doreen?

Alicia said...

Doreen.... pure gold on the statue??/ do you scratch off some??? make a gold ring for yourself.....hahhah leave some for me too

Chev said...

The peanut and ice-cream wrap resembles popiah :)

Doreen said...

Taiwan has (I think) 9 tribes, and one of them having quite similar language as Malay! (O_O)!

Wooo....Trinity..coming right at me with no mercy...scary scary...

Aiya, you don't speak Chinese? Then how to communicate with Zai Zai and Jerry. They don't speak English. Like this I think Vanness and Ken will take on the honour in showing you around instead...hehehehe

Yes, pure gold statue. No wor, I not dare to scratch off leh fret there will be retribution. no no no.

Yep, exactly! It is the different version of popiah! Aiyo, talking about popiah now I'm drooling liao.

keeyit said...

Antique building and full of chinese arts..

eastcoastlife said...

You should break the posts into mini ones so can have more photos mah.

I like the Mickey Mouse statue! Must be very heavy. Piggy is jeles. kakaka....

Rick takes very good photos... can borrow him for my travel? hahaha....

kljs said...

nice place you visited........

Hopefully, I could do to in the distant future....

Doreen said...

Exactly! Taiwan is country full of Chinese traditional customs and culture.

Funny you mentioned this. Yeah, I thought of that, but too lazy. Hehehe.

You will definitely have a very enjoyable time in Taiwan. The food, scenery, friendly people and all. It will be a pleasant trip. (^_^) Tempting? Make it your next one. Hehehehe