Monday, May 26, 2008

Toy tale

Off to Christchurch tomorrow, for 3 days!

It's business, NOT holiday :(

See you!


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Trinity said...

so pretty! The dress is pretty too... the purple pig is cute... he is twin with the orange one!

so American beauty.. LOL

Doreen said...

Thanks! (^_^) Yep, they're twin but some how one came out as purple, and the other orange. Hehehe.

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! So many soft toys? They belong to you?

Have a enjoyable trip! ta ta...

L B said...

It looks so blissful and comfy, snuggled up there!!!

oceanskies79 said...

The soft toys will help keep you warm. Keep warm and safe at Christchurch. I heard it is colder there at this time of the year?

eve said... between business , can have pleasure also ma..One thing came to my mind after I see all this soft toys...ACHOO... *excuse me*...

Alicia said...

eh... where were you??? your own bedroom kah??/ where did you get so many toys ar??? aduh.... you can do advertisement lor....

sylvia said...

U look pretty

keeyit said...

OMG.. you are so sexy especially in the last pictures..

You really have a nice body..

mistipurple said...

yes, last pic see already nose bleed.. :P

oceanskies79 said...

Dopreen: Thank you for the kind words that you have left on my blog. May you have a restful weekend.

Doreen said...

Yap, all belong to me. (^_^)

l b:
Just in time for the winter! Hehehe

Yeah, it was definitely colder and we had frost in the morning!

Haha! They're all kept in very secure and clean condition leh. No dust one. Hehehe

Doreen said...

I was at home, not in bedroom, but in the living room! Muahahaha. Those toys are my collection over the years mostly presents loh.

Aww...THANK YOU! (^_^)

Thank you! I don't normally wear like this to go out one. Hehehe. Lots of fat hidden underneath though. Hahahaha

wah~~~where got can nose bleed? No bikini leh. *pass Misti a box of tissue*

You're most welcome! And you have a good weekend too. (^_^)

Emily said...

Hi Doreen,

Thanks for stopping by my blog & saying Hello! I love your soft toy collection! I love soft toys too but don't collection because scared of dust hehe! My house does not have air cond mah.

And like the other commentors said, you look really pretty!

Doreen said...

Hello Emily! Yeah, I don't display all my softtoys, too much hassle in cleaning. I keep them in a sealed bag. Hahaha. Thanks for your sweet comment, it's all the make-up and right angles that give the results.

Thanks for dropping by! (^_^)

Chen said...

U looks so sweet & pretty. U every count how many soft toys u have? Ah Boy would love playing with the soft toys too, especially those small little ones cos he is small :)

Doreen said...

Thanks Chen! Yeah, good point, I should count how many there are. My Vell also likes playing softtoys leh, but she kills the toy in one night! Violent dog I have at home. Hahaha