Saturday, June 14, 2008

Petone beach

It is early winter
It was windy
It was chilly
There was no bikini
There was no pretty babe
There was hardly anyone
And I was crazy enough to be there....

20080607_Petone beach 002

20080607_Petone beach 003


L B said...

I spy a pretty babe....

Doreen said...

l b:
Eh? Where where? How come I don't see no pretty babe? Must be my eyes..*rubbing eyes*, still no leh. :( hehehehe

oceanskies79 said...

Send you some warmth.
Err...aren't you the pretty babe?

Chen said...

ah boy asked me to tell u that u r not crazy woh :D

Doreen said...

haha, thank you! Yeah, I guess there was ONE pretty babe by that beach *puke* Muahahaha

Oh? Thank you ah boy! If ah boy says I'm not crazy then I definitely not loh! Ah boy, wanna come to the beach with me? Very fun one boh!

keeyit said...

Seem cold there ist ?

Nice photos and nice fashion with the big belt..

Trinity said...

yeah! I saw it too LB!! and pretty boots too!

eastcoastlife said...

No bikini!?
Can email to me if you got one. I'll keep it a secret. :)