Saturday, June 21, 2008


Celebrating our 3rd year anniversary on 19/06 at VIVO, an Italian restaurant.

The ambience is nice, service good apart from taking forever to serve the food. The food so-so only. Rick didn't like his tuna dish. My lamb rack turned out quite nice but the crème brulée I ordered was rather disappointing, well just not how I like it. It was a full 3 course meal which we don't normally do, and we ended up sleeping with fully stuffed stomach. Awful! The punishment of being gluttonous is definitely not pleasant.



VIVO - bar

VIVO - Me Sleeping?
Me sleeping....trying to conserve energy while waiting for food. Muahahaha (Of course not! I was doing don't know what also...couldn't recall)

VIVO - Mamma Rosa Pignolata
Specialty breads filled with traditional secret Italian sausage family recipe

VIVO - Polenta Fritte
Crispy Polenta chips served with herb sour cream

VIVO - Tuna
Tuna with salads & boiled potatoes

VIVO - Rack of lamb
Rack of lamb with roasted shallots, capers, spinach and cherry tomatoes

VIVO - Tiramisu
Tiramisu (doesn't look enticing in any way)

VIVO - crème brulée
crème brulée with strong almond essence (I don't like!)



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Chen said...

Happy 3rd anniversary :)

The photo of u closing your eyes ~ Err... gives me the false impression that u r playing piano leh :P

oceanskies79 said...

Happy third anniversary. The company matters more, doesn't it?

eastcoastlife said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!
That's a lovely blue dress! The food looks yummy from the photos but didn't taste good. Oops.

Doreen said...

Thanks, and I went back to look at the pic, it does seem like I was playing piano. Hahaha.

Thanks and you're dead right! The company matters the most.

Thanks. It is actually green colour, but the flash somehow made it looks like blue. The food, good to see, bad to eat. Hahaha

Tracy said...

Happy 3rd year anniversa!
Any special present from Rick?

Doreen said...

Thank you! Time flies, doesn't it? Rick got me a dress (not the one I wore here)

You have a good weekend!

L B said...

Happy Anniversary!! The blue dress is fabulous!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, congratulations, and lots more to come.
Wow, the food looks so droolingly finger lickin' good.
Love your pics...the one in the blue cocktail look sensational, Doreen...I call this kind of dresses, 'hit the back of a bus' dress...sure to hit a bus if see you in that dress walking by, ha ha.
Doreen, you should be in Vogue or look good.
You have a nice week and keep an Enos fruit salt..drink it if you over eat, ha ha. Lee.

Trinity said...

Hugs for this happy couple!! Happy 3rd anniversary dear!! You look fabulous!

Winn said...

i love ur 'green' dress!! where did u got it?

mistipurple said...

congratulations to gorgeous doreen and handsome rick.
wish you a lifetime of happiness!
you're both looking better with each coming year!

eastcoastlife said...

Green dress.... it's a lovely blue!
*rubs eyes... rubs eyes again....*

keeyit said...

You look lovely in this dress.. I called this kind of dress as cake dress.. hahaha..

Happy anniversary !

Doreen said...

l b:
Thanks. Aiyo, it's a green dress leh. :)

Hit the bus dress? Hahaha, that's a very interesting way of describing it. Thank you for your kind words, I'm really humble by it. I'm just happen to be an average gal having a bit more knowledge in make-up that's all. Vogue and Cosmopolitan are just too big of a hat for my head. Hehehe. You keep well Lee.

Doreen said...

Thank you dear. It's a once a year event so must dress up. Hehehe

Haha, GREEN dress it is! Hehehe. I got it from an online shop in Ebay.

mistipurple: sweet lah melting already.....

Doreen said...

Aiya, it is GREEN lah. Okok, it is turquoise! Hehehe

*Help rubbing ECL's eyes*

Cake dress! Oh, indeed, it does look like a cake. I like cake dress, very very much!

kyh said...

happy 3rd anniv! wah u look so charming!!! *wipes drool* muahahaha!

the food looks good wor... looks can be deceiving hor?

MonkeyWong said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!! U certainly had a memorable time! :P

eastcoastlife said...

hehe.... got pretty girl rub my eys for me. :)

Remember to mention the dress that Rick give you for your anniversary when you wear it ah. I want to see if he has got taste anot. kakaka....

eve said... meh? like ECL..tot blue leh...but but..*rub eyes* does look blue wo... *run off to optician*...
Happy 3rd anniversary Lenglui...!!

Doreen said...

Hahaha, thank you leh. The food has outer beauty only, not much inner beauty. Hahahha

Thanks! Yes, I had a great time. Once a year, must forget all the stress and frustrations (at work) and enjoy fully!

Haha, actually you've already seen the dress! In one of my previous posts. He bought it and gave it to me 3 months earlier. Hahahaha

Thanks leh!

You also seeing blue? How can it be? It is really green wor. So many ppl seeing it blue and only me insisting it is green. Something wrong with my eyes!!! Oh~~~help, help!

sylvia said...

Happy 3rd anniversary Doreen. I know my message come in late. Anyway better than nothing rite. U look great :)

Doreen said...

Thank you Sylvia! And no, it's never too late. Thanks! (^_^)