Monday, July 21, 2008

Not so brief update

Just came back from a movie, Hancock. I say it is damn good, anything with Will Smith in it is good. I am biased. What to do, he is (to me) the sexiest, coolest black guy on earth! I can just melt into liquid watching him. I so heart him! Muahahahahaha

The weekend was extremely quiet for me. Rick was sick, so we both stayed home. Glad that he is now feeling better though still coughing his guts out (exaggeration here). Now, let's hope that I'm not next! *gulp down lots of vitamin C tablets*

Mum and dad moving to Perth this weekend to stay with my bro and help looking after my nephew, Declan (I miss him!). My bro has started working and my sis in law will be starting next Monday. Glad it is all working well for them. I shall start planning a trip over the ditch soon….hmmm……

So, what else I have been busy with? Internet shopping! This thing is evil I tell you, once you start clicking, you never stop! I have bought a lot of stuff from Ebay and TradeMe (local auction place), mainly accessories and clothes. Now that everything is getting more and more expensive, internet shopping is the way to go. I can get cheaper, nicer and more trendy pieces through my cable than any local retail stores. No extra overhead charges, no petrol needed, no traffic to deal with, no more hassle in finding a carpark and easy access anytime of the day! Now, my fingers itchy again......

Okie, off now. Have a good week everyone.

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oceanskies79 said...

May you have a good week too. :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, when the going gets yawwwnnny, time to go shopping, ha ha.
You know, I have to get my wife to nag me to go buy some new shirts or whatever...I take her shoping as she can't drive..but while she tackles the shoe stores or clothing, I look for a bench, or a coffee stall, sit down and watch people, ha ha...but I don't buy anything.

I will maybe look, but my way of thinking is how many shirts or slacks, jeans can I wear?
I have only 3 pairs of shoes, one already 9 years old, ha ha...other two past 4 years....very comfortable.

But women? Take away shoping malls and women will go into serious depression, arhaa ha ha. Lee.

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Ohhhhhh your a will fan...

Let me think of who's the sexiest chocolate in my't think of it yet....

Oh yea i been shopping like crazy too....i feel if I were to really let myself spend.....there will be no stopping.....wish i got unlimited money....sniff

eastcoastlife said...

Your parents are moving to Perth for good?

Don't tempt me with internet shopping ah.... I cannot stop after that. Naughty Doreen. Spend your money quietly, still want to drag people in..... *grumble grumble.... click EBay*

Trinity said...

wah... internet shopping can be addict!! hehehe I wanna try this too, but how about the shipping cost? do you buy it from NZ shop?

Doreen said...

Thank you! (^_^)

Take away all shopping malls, I will be crying out loud. and then console myself with more internet shopping! Hahahaha. I'm sure boys go all crazy if bring them to electrical/electronic/gadget stores.

Ms. _______ 2 be:
Yeah, same sentiment here! Only if we have unlimited $$, I will shop like no tomorrow! Hahahaha

Hahahaha, ECL you're funny! Got any potential catch in Ebay? Want me to help? Hehehehe. Yeah, why don't we go shopping together in Ebay? Hehehehe

Oh yes, very extremely ter-addict sekali! Well, believe it or not, including all the postage and handling cost, it is still cheaper than getting it locally. This is NZ, everything expensive. All the stupid tax, duty and high labour charges! But may be different story at your end?

Donald Kuok said...

Watched the Hancock movie from the net. I gave it 4 out 5 stars rating. Not bad.

Tracy said...

I'm also addicted to internet shopping now. So convenient! Once start, never end!

Chen said...

your parents moving to Perth for good ah? Or just staying there temporary? :)

The only internet shopping i did was buying some gadgets (not the expensive one lah) :)

Doreen said...

donald kuok:
Yeah, I liked it too! Very funny also. Hehehe

Hahaha, I think you got addicted long long time ago right? That's why you're dubbed Shopping Queen by Alicia? Hehehe

No lah, not for good. For a year or so I think and will see how everything goes then.

haha, so you're the gadget gal huh? Buying expensive stuff through internet is still not very safe. A lot of fakes out there.

mistipurple said...

*close eyes don't see ebay*
touch keypad to say hi to doreen and pigi...

Doreen said...

Misti, Misti! Look at this beautiful necklace in Ebay, come, come look at it. So unique, so beautiful leh...

*dragging Misti to the PC screen*

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

drop by to say hello :)

Stay cheerful and pretty always :)

eastcoastlife said...

*cover eyes with bandages*
I blind, I blind... cannot see the stuff on Ebay.

Shopping in NZ is expensive? Gosh... so you have lots of money stashed away since you heartache to spend it. :D

keeyit said...

I am back.. hehee.. I watched Dark Knight. Very nice.. you need to go and watch.

Doreen said...

Thanks and you have a good weekend (^_^)

Hahahahaha, you're not blind! There's nothing wrong with your eyes lah, let me take the bandages off for you and show you something nice...EBAY!!!!

Yeah, it is expensive unless sale. Ya loh, I have quite an amount of $$ under my bed, I spend it ALL everytime I go back especially when I'm in Singapore! Evil lah!

Hey sweetie! Good to see you back! Oh is it? I must go watch then. Hehehe