Saturday, July 26, 2008

What I did on 26/07/08

Woke up early today to go to vege market in Porirua. The market starts at 7am finishes at 10am every Saturday, and you just have to be an early bird to get a better catch. It is one of those open-air, wet and dirty market place where you can get veges/meat/fish/fruits etc at a cheaper price. Nowadays, everything so expensive including groceries, so really have to resource to option other than our usual supermarket.

We then had breakfast at this newly open cafe nearby, Peppermill. First time there. Their food quite good, not too oily and tastes healthy. Their service not bad too.

Hot Choco

Peppermill Deli breakfast

Egg benedict with salmon

After a hearty breakfast, we just shopped around, look see look see. So many sales going on at the moment, the temptations are strong, and I eventually gave in (blame my evil twin lah). I ended up bring home 2 pairs of shoes that cost total of $17.95 and 4 belts at an unbelievable total of $10!!!!!!!!!!! All were slashed 50% and yet further offer of buy 1 get 1 free! If I had let all these passed by I should just ban myself from shopping for 5 years!!! For this, I should really thank my evil twin aye?

Also managed to grab these at an asian grocery store. Aahh....the homey flavours

Fanta Green (my favourite!)

Ice-cream soda

What I wore today.....

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oceanskies79 said...

I am tempted by the breakfast. Have a good weekend. Keep warm.

keeyit said...

You wear very stylish.. The yellow handbags really striking with the dark color you wear..

actually I want to ask you for long time ago, what profession that you are in? Related to fashion?

Doreen said...

It is very cold lately. Time to blast my heater! You too have a good weekend. Take it easy ya!

mistipurple said...

you must be the most gorgeous gal at the market! hehehe.

Doreen said...

Thanks for your compliment Keeyit. Actually my profession has nothing to do with fashion at all. I'm in power engineering field. Very tomboy-ish huh? Hehehehe

Doreen said...

*fainted at Misti's comment*

*gain consciousness a few mins later and trying to sit up*

MISTI! You very naughty to make me fainted like that leh! Thanks for your sweet-till-can-melt compliment angel, but "most gorgeous gal" is really way out of my league lah. I'm extremely flattered by your comment though. (=^_^=)

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, not sure to comment about you or those lovely dishes....okay, better start with the dishes...Gosh! I love that bacon dell.
I remember in the States they serve real BIG portions of bacon and it!
Hey, I love your black, blue? outfit....really classy and elegant....and your bonnet?
Bet it makes your head feels like in Hawaii, huh?
Have a great week and stay gorgeous, Lee.

eastcoastlife said...

*sip sip the hot chocolate*

That is one very hearty breakfast!! And I agree with misti, you must be the most gorgeous ah sum at the market. wahahahaha.....

Doreen said...

I don't madly in love with bacon but those mushrooms on the plate are just heavenly! HEhehe The outfit is actually purple in colour, the lighting has made it blue. I actually only bought the bonnet on the day!

Hot choco nice hor? Hehehe

Gorgeous AH SUM?!?! WAHAHAHAHA, should I take it as a compliment or....? The ever funny ECL, never fail making me smile! Gorgeous ah sum! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

I been skipping breakfast alot...
I know it's a important meal...
I guess I will eat more of that when I move to a different part of the town..hahaha
You look nice with hats...

Chen said...

the peppermill deli breakie is very sinful :P

psss.. i think the last time i drank fanta was during school days.. the green, red and purple fanta drinks which will stain our tongues :P
(although nowadays it's still available in the market in Malaysia lah) :P

Trinity said...

Do you always look good all the time, Doreen? Wah..wah..wah... really, I salute you... I rarely look good and dress up like you... :-S

eastcoastlife said...

If I wear so nice like you go market in Singapore, they think I'm Mama-san just return home from nightclub! :P

cc said...

The egg benedict with salmon looks sinfully delicious!

p/s: Hello, first time commenting here. Weather in wellington must be pretty bad now huh.

Doreen said...

Ms. _______ 2 be !:
Sweetie, skipping breakfast is a no no. Really not good to your body. Where you moving to?

Eh, sounds like you don't quite fancy Fanta? I like the smell of Fanta green, so nice....

Of course I don't always doll myself up like that lah. All depend on my mood and the weather. Better dress up now else when I got kids in future, no chance already. All my time and body will be sold to the little one. Sigh!

Wahahahaha, nah you won't lah. You don't that those sluty and trashy look, so ppl would only think that you're some sort of celebrity lah. Hehehehe

Hello cc! Welcome welcome. Yeah, weather really sucks to the max here! The winter blues...sigh