Thursday, August 07, 2008

The fall of a potato

I had a bad start of the day today. Early early in the morning already hurt my knee? HOW?

Hai....this morning, on my way to the office, after I bade goodbye to Rick and was about to rushed across the road before the pedestrian traffic light turned red, lo and behold, PANG!!!! I slipped and the big potato fell (gracefully lah, muahahaha) by the side of the street. OMG, you have no idea how embarrassing I was. Wearing so nice, knee length skirt some more, and then falling (gracefully ok) right before so many eyes!!! Ok, not many eyes lah actually, too early in the morning, but enough to make me so embarrassing! I so wanted to dip my head right into a hole if I could find one. Rick rushed back and helped me up. *hole leh, where is the HOLE for my head when I need it!?!?!*

So yeah, I could still walk to my office but the pain kicked in about half an hour later and I was limping whole day.


cc said...

Oh! Remember to apply some antiseptic cream on it! Take care!

Doreen said...

Yep, I have put some. Just hope it heals quickly.

eastcoastlife said...

Ouch! Ouch!
*blows on the wound*

aiyoh... sayang... be careful.

You fall down in slow motion ah? gracefully? hahaha......

Alicia said...

hey... u miss the step or step on the banana skin???? aiyo... it is very pain ler....please dun use plaster yo... the wound wont heal...

Trinity said...

oh dear...oh dearrr.... that's so bad!!! *hugs*

Even Cinderella can fall Doreen.. no worries (eh did Cinderella fell? hahaha)

Chen said...

so kesian
must be painful woh..

*pet pet Doreen's head*
and hugs of coz :)

Petite Lass said...

Aiks, I know exactly how you felt as I had similar experience and it happened in a 5 star hotel! ~___~"

Get well soon ya =D

oceanskies79 said...

Wishing you a speedy healing. *hugs*

Doreen said...

hahaha, if really slow motion then I could have avoid hitting my knee loh.

I missed a step loh then the whole body hit the street. I used plaster for the first day coz' really too painful. Now it dried out already. Better liao.

Eh which version of Cinderella you watched/read? Cinderella didn't fall leh, only dropped her glass shoes. LOL.

Thanks Dr.Chen! You not going to help treat my wound? Painful wor. Need antibiotic or not har doctor? Can I eat peanut and seafood? LOL.

petite lass:
wah~~in a 5 star hotel? I would need a bigger hole to hide my whole body! Did you get hurt?

Thanks PY!

mistipurple said...

o dear. painful wor. *blows sweet kisses* *hugs*
keep the wound dry.

eastcoastlife said...

I'm trying to imagine the graceful fall so I can learn and do it the next time. probably people around me will puke if I try to imitate you. hahaha....

8888 is an auspicious and beauitful number. next year is 9999, must plan for a romantic date!

Doreen said...

*hug misti* Yeah, the wound is not dry but the surrounding very colourful, got black/green/blue. lol

HAHAHA, I really burst out laughing reading your comment. No lah, my "fall gracefully" actually means no unsightly poses like legs spread open or showing underwear lah since I was wearing a skirt mah. LOL

Petite Lass said...

Yeah exactly!! Just wanted to disappear immediately! LOL serious injuries luckily. Just some bruises.

MisSmall said...

Ouch, that looks painful. Hope you're feeling better by now. :)

Declan Isaac said...

wow! looks bad.
i din know is tat bad, cos i heard ur laughter when u mention abt the fall.

mistipurple said...

better or not today your wound?
(hope this comment finally appears. i typed three times. if all comes out become spam chor. :P)

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

OOOOoooooooooooooooo that looks....ouch!

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Doreen said...

petite lass:
Oh, no injuries that's good. An Angel was certainly by your side that moment!

Yeah, better now. Thanks!

declan isaac:
Yeah, it was better already when the wound dried out. hahaha, really need to make fun of it to forget the pain I suppose. Hahaha

Better liao, better liao! my eye infected...hai....

Ms. _______ 2 be!:
Thanks sweetie. It is better now. (^_^)

keeyit said...

Hey, I guess we were same. I fall down also yesterday during my way to office. I fall down at the escalator actually. But nothing much la.. just my knees and legs hurt now.. I havent got time to blog about this yet.. hehe..

Doreen said...

Oh, you fell too? Lucky you didn't get any blood flowing, skin breaking injury. Hope you're ok now. Be careful next time ya.