Saturday, August 02, 2008


Dined at Lone Star today. The last time I was there was years ago. All I could remember about this restaurant was their big serving and their famous redneck ribs.

Photo taken from Lone

The restaurant is of texas, comboy theme. The environment is nice and cosy, relaxing country music, friendly staff and most of all, their huge serving. I hate seeing my food filling less than 50% of the big plate. What a waste of space!

Always happy with food in front of me!

My Rockin' Ribeye

Rick's Baked Redneck Ribs

Yeah, we cleaned it! (well almost!)

And, this is what I wore today.....

My new boots!

Good Night!

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oceanskies79 said...

Pretty nice night shots. Good night!

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

hmm.. it has a very nice environment for dining :)

happy Sun + Day! Cheers ya! :P

Petite Lass said...

The ambience looks great not to mention the food ;-) *Yum yum*

Haha..agree with you. I find the sight very strange if the food takes up a very small space on the plate. Like how you put it, what a waste of space! Might as well use a smaller plate.LOL

I envy you. You look good in almost anything =D

keeyit said...

Nice boots.. I hope to get one too to hide my fat legs..

cc said...

I heard their serving is huge too! Must visit one of these days.

Doreen said...

Thanks! You have a good week.

Yeah, I like cosy environment especially during winter.

petite lass:
No la, I only take photos of myself when I look good mah. There are many styles of clothes that I couldn't carry off thus never wear but could only drool and envy at other people wearing it! Hehehehe

You so skinny where got fat legs lah. But I must agree with you that boots are good at hiding legs and also give a bit more style to whatever you pairing it with. Quick quick go get!

Yes, yes, must visit and then can tell me what'ya think. Must order their redneck spare ribs! (^_^)

mistipurple said...

you make heads turn wherever you go. :)

Doreen said...

Awww...that's so sweet la *fainted, woke up and faint again*

No la, where got turn heads? Only manage to make one head turn (Rick) coz' I always stop suddenly to admire things in the shops' windows while shopping. Muahahaha

Wennn said...

Very pretty dress wor... sumore pretty gil.. pretty sight and place also nice....

Gbex and Ellen said...

Nice shots you got there. can we exchange links?? let me know so I can add you up..

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, you always give me problems, ha ha. Not sure which one to comment first....but I guess your beauty prompts me to say first, you really look alluringly gorgeous! Love your dress and boots.
No cowboy hats? Ha ha.

Wow, You both polished off the huge steaks?
Bet after eating felt like giving one of those, "YEEEEEEHAAAA"!
Ha ha, Lee.

Doreen said...

Hehehe, thanks leh. You princess also very pretty leh. (^_^)

gbex and ellen:
Yes, yes. Definitely can. Would love to read your blog too.

Haha, thanks for your kind words. Yeah, a comboy hat would definitely compliment the outfit. Too bad I don't one.

eastcoastlife said...

Cowgirl in cow boots. yeeha!!

The ribs must be yummy! Eat until so clean. :P

renaye said...

owh. i totally forgotten bout lone star. i haven't tried the food there when i was studying in palmerston north because my friends were telling me that the quality has gone down.

owh... ur hot choc picture made me realised how much i miss those small cafe in new zealand....

is that cafe in NW mall?

Doreen said...

Oh, I thought the food was alright, may be some dishes not very good? But their spare ribs sure impresses me still. When were you in nz?

You mean Peppermill cafe? It is a stand alone cafe at Porirua. What is NW?

sho said...

woah! I am reminded of those huge juicy pottamellow (eh how you spell that???) mushroms I had in NZ years ago at one of those towns in s island.