Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celebrating peanuts

Got my pay rise this week. It's peanuts :( My performance have been good, and I've got very good comments from my manager during my performance review so was really expecting something better than last year. Then, out of the blue, when I opened the confidential notification letter....I was like..."what the heck?" Even peanut bigger than this! (>_<)!! Damn disappointed lah! I later found out pay rise this year is generally lower than previous years across the whole company. WHY???? Inflation arealdy so high, petrol cost, groceries and everything else have gone up like no tomorrow, and how come the pay rise going opposite direction? This doesn't make sense, or does it? Hell!

Anyway, the celebration still went ahead. This has been my tradition since I started working, and I am relunctant to break it. I'm superstitious! So, I ate my heart (also lungs, pancreas and the rest of my organs) out yesterday. I had worked hard for the past year and ain't gonna stop giving myself a big treat just because of the unsatisfying pay rise! And, of course, BIIIIIIIIG pat on my back!

Happy moon cake festival everyone! I was too late for the moon cakes, sold out. Nevermind, I can still celebrate by eating peanuts with bear beer, heh!

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U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, its always torture dropping by here, ha ha...and here I am, just woke up, see your delicious dim sum, not to mention the beautiful, delectable diner with the small raise....
Never mind Doreen, stay with it, the stars not in the right alignment, maybe should check out the fung shui in your office room? Ha ha.

By the way, if you happen to be around a Chinese store selling all those Chinese souvenirs, look for a 3 legged frog. Its known as the 'money frog'.

They're cheap too, not the big ones...get a small one kow tim.
And put it at your door at home...beside the door, FACING as if it has just hopped into your house.

You'll notice lots of Chinese businesses have these cutr figurines at home, in their stores.

You stay easy and have a great week, and stay gorgeous, Lee.

cc said...

Congrats Doreen. Pay rise, big or small, still a good sign that your work is being appreciated. :)

I've learn my lesson from the past to get those mooncakes ahead! LOL
Happy Mid-Autumn festival! :D

EastCoastLife said...

*Big big pat on the back and the tummy*

Bear with it, everywhere is the same. Due to high costs and expenses, I also cannot give my staff big raises.

Ship 60" Plasma TV to NZ very expensive wor. :P

cc said...

You want me to post a mooncake to you? I have extra here. :D

p/s: Are you on MSN?

Doreen said...

Oh, I know the frog thingy you were talking about. Saw it in some Chinese shops/restaurants. Emmm....still think it would be really weird at my door.

Yeah, now I learnt my lesson. Next time I'm sure gonna get them like weeks in advance!

Yeah, thought so...oh well, just have to sit here and see who win that TV loh.

Wah~~how many boxes have you stocked? Hehehehe

Yeah, me on MSN. Add me:

Petite Lass said...

Congrats on your payrise! Ah, must be because of the poor economy these days. Not sure how's mine next year o_0
That aside, OMG, the food looked yummy. The egg tarts are huge!

MisSmall said...

*Pats pats*

Congrats on the pay rise, hun. Oz and NZ are doing pretty bad lately, so that probably played a big part in the "unsubstantial" increase in pay. But a rise is a rise, and you should be proud of it and it DEFINITELY calls for a celebration. :D

Happy (belated) mooncake festival!

Trinity said...


*pats your back*
*pats your bottom too* hahahaha

it's ok.. you are good and got a very good comments too... be thankful ok dear? *hugs*

Tracy said...

Everywhere is the same. Everthing prices go up except for our paid.
:( But we still need to continue our living. Once a while we still need to pamper outselves, right? The dim sum look very yummy!!!!

keeyit said...

Increment is always what people like us who work for people looking at. Yeah, everything also hike up.. Really need to stay at home and cannot go for shopping already.

mistipurple said...

congratulations doreen!
pigi must have pigged out that day! look at those lovely dimsum.

EastCoastLife said...

Don't brood over the peanut.
*Throws cashew nuts, pecan nuts, brazil nuts at Princess Doreen*
*gulps mango pudding and slurp egg tarts while she's picking nuts... run!*

kyh said...

gong hei gong hei!!! :D

look at those yummy dimsums! I want those carrot cakes, tarts and pudding!! *droolzzz*

oceanskies79 said...

Congratulations for a pay-rise. Hope there will be more bigger peanuts, or even gold to come by soon. ;)

L B said...

Gorgeous! Drooling! And you are looking great too!! As always. YUM!!

kljs said...

I want the egg tarts..... yummy!!!

Chen said...

how many peanuts can u buy with the peanut payrise?

Huh? u eating peanuts with bear?
eating bear woh...
Poor bear :P

i know i know lah..
just pulling your legs :P

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

happy belated mooncake festival! heehee :)

Doreen said...

petite lass:
Thanks. I'm sure you will have a big fat payrise!

Yeah, it's still better than none. Happy (way belated) mooncake festival!

LOL, thanks dear. *pat my bottom too*

Yep, definitely! Those hardworks, sweat and tears we put into definitely deserve some indulgences

Doreen said...

Ya loh. No more shopping spree. Sigh! :(

Hahahaha! Pigi didn't pig out, but I did! LOL

Wah~~~so many nuts *still picking all those nuts* Would I go nuts with all these nuts? I already have I think....HAHAHAHAHA

Haha, you only want those 3 dishes? How about the rest? Chicken feet, egg plant, pork ribs etc.....?

Haha, thanks! Yeah, yeah, GOLD! GOLD! Or DIAMONDSSSSSSS!

l b:
Oh, the emperor is here! *bow 90 degree*

Doreen said...

Go ahead, help yourself. lol. Only egg tarts? The rest also very yummy.

Peanuts also very expensive these days leh. Hehehe.

Ooops, thanks for spotting my mistake! Hahaha, too concentrated on the peanuts.

Happy very very belated mooncake festival.

EastCoastLife said...

Still picking nuts? hehehe....

How's the weather over there? Post some photos. :)

Doreen said...

Finally finished picking liao. LOL

Weather was good in the weekend, but these few days really sucks. Tomorrow is going to be fine wor according to the forecast.