Sunday, October 05, 2008

Crazy Horse

No, they don't sell horse nor certainly no crazy horse.

They sell steak.

In fact, this place serves the BEST and most expensive (I think) steak in Wellington! People have been raving about this place, so I decided to find out how BEST their steaks are. Looking through their menu, mainly steaks with different cuts, are all highly priced ($30 - $40) as I expected (Hey it is a fine dining). BUT when I got to the last item of their mains, my eyes almost popped out! A good 300g sirloin steak for NZ$80!!!!! (O_O)!!!! I had a hard time holding my eyes in. $80!!! What kind of steak is it? Century steak ar? As much as I could make myself to believe in what I saw, I couldn't believe I actually went ahead to order this thing! OMG, what had got into me? As how Rick had put it: "Hey, you're already here to taste their specialty why not go all the way?" So, there I was, bravely ordered this sirloin steak, medium rare with my choice of style - Mushrooms. Rick ordered their normal range of Rib Eye Steak, medium rare with classic style.

After a good 15 mins wait, the food arrives. A big white plate with a piece of steak on mushrooms, topped with mushrooms gravy. Looks like any ordinary steak, nothing special. A bit disappointed. BUT, as soon as I put a piece in my mouth, my whole body went alive! Yes, it was good, it was great, IT WAS THE BEST!!!! No kidding, the best steak I've ever tasted! The tenderness and the taste all hit the jackpot. So, I can say I didn't regret though I still think $80 is a bit too costly. But if this is the price to pay for the best, then it is! Rick was extremely happy with his Rib Eye too.

Would I go back there again? Yes, I don't mind going back for their normally range steaks since they're already so much better than other restaurants but definitely will not order their Sirloin. I've tried it, it was great and that is enough.

I simply love the painting

The 300g Sirloin steak, mushroom style

Whipped potato

Rib Eye steak, classic style

We cleaned it!

Saw this cute giant. Think he/she belongs to the restaurant owner. What a bear! I so wanted to hug him/her

I was so full that I couldn't sleep! Muahahaha

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coolingstar9 said...

You were enjoying the nice food which make you live up.
wow, the giant dog, I also want to hug it.
Have a great week.

L B said...

Haha, yes, I too believe in trying the best of the best, as long as it doesn't become too much of a habit!

Chen said...

It's alright to try the best of the best, if u can afford it. Well, we don't eat the best foodstuff everyday :D

Now I also wanna take a bit of that pricey yummy steak :D

And not forgetting to pet pet that huge doggy (Ah Boy will look like a midget if standing next to it :P)

EastCoastLife said...

Sorry I had to skip the post first and scroll down to peek at the $80-steak! hehe....
And the huge doggie... Geez....
*hugs Doreen*

oceanskies79 said...

I was looking at the whipped potato. It looks good.

Gosh, looks like the steak there is the best! It's just that I now cut down on red-meat.

Wishing you a good week.

Doreen said...

The dog is huge eh? I love huge giant dog. They make me feel very secure!

EastCoastLife said...

In Singapore, we used to have a Crazy Horse which has nude female performers. Closed down because had no biz. :) Guys prefer to be involved in the action, not watch.

What are you doing at my R18 blog? You're underaged. shoo shoo... hehe....

mistipurple said...

and i want to hug that big dog too.

Doreen said...

l b:
Yes, if I have billions in my bank, I won't mind making this a habit. Hahahaha

Ah boy certainly will look like a mini chiwawa standing next to this giant. LOL

I'm sure you were disappointed by the steak when you scrolled down. It looks so not special!

Oh yes, the whipped potato was really nice but I couldn't clean this one. Too much. Hehehe.

Doreen said...

Crazy Horse = Strip tease bar in Singapore? Wah~ Wah~. How come no biz? Here got so many and going strong too. People here prefer watch than getting into action? *ponder*

Hahaha. You don't want to hug piggy ar?

mistipurple said...

want want. pigi was having his bath just now. *grins*

Trinity said...

wah, I thought the steak was a horse meat.. hahaha.. so expensive!!

anyway, glad you enjoy that steak very much... the best steak you've ever had? hm... tony roma's is nothing? :-)

btw, that dog is beautiful! I am afraid of dog, but I think he/she is so warmly gorgeous!

Doreen said...

Hahaha. Pigi smells very nice leh! He uses Johnson Baby bath.

Tony Roma? don't know who he is really. Apologies for my ignorance. Even if the dog is very very cute and friendly, you still afraid of her/him?