Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mt. Ruapehu ski trip - The villa and the bunch

This is the place we (12 of us) stayed for the entire ski trip. It was a bit run down, but I suppose I shouldn't complain for $25 per person per night. Top that with a nice view and a big plasma TV with SKY! Consider ourselves lucky coming in last minute!

The villa is located at Raetihi, about 11km from Ohakune the main town for the skiers. Raetihi itself is a tiny wee little village with some shops (old, ramshackle with severe sign of vandalism) but most of the time were closed when we were there. They were either abandoned (speculation here) or closed for the weekend (Sigh, I should have taken a picture of it!). When we drove into this village, first thing came into my mind was “House of Wax”! You know the small village in the movie. *shudder* It was sooooo quiet and not a single person in sight. This is just plain spooky!

The villa

Here comes the flower picker! Muahahaha

Mine! Mine, mine mine! Muahahaha (ok, enactment only ya, I didn't pic the flowers!)


Weee~~~so happy~~~~ (Grow up la! *roll eyes*)

View of Mt Ruapehu from our villa

Dinner at Alpine restaurant

This is what we did at night

We fought over the table

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mistipurple said...

wow, like fairyland. so unreal. and yet so so nice.
you're like the princess too of course. heeheehee

Tychi said...

amazing view from the villa

MisSmall said...

Oh your hubby takes such beautiful picture of you! The one of you picking the flowers is my favourite. And how pretty are those vibrant blue flowers huh?

I totally know what you mean by the abandon villages. They seriously freak me out BIG time! I think we should stop watching thrillers or horror movies, they put creepy thoughts in our minds and ruin our holidays! :/

Trinity said...

Wah... absolutely memorable! I always love to travel with friends!!!

L B said...

So gorgeous, so pretty, so romantic, so fun!!!

oceanskies79 said...

A beautiful place. :)
I suppose the ski trip has brought you joy?

EastCoastLife said...

The ski resort is so beautiful! The villa is a little scary... I don't think I want to stay there on my own. *shivers*

Mesmericzen said...

It sounds like u have an interesting life !!! I'll be coming to New Zealand for my degree studies. Guess ive made a new fren b4 arriving~

U.Lee said...

Hi Doreen, as usual beautiful pics, beautiful you.
Love the sunset scene.
You know, believe it or not being in Canada, lots of snow, I have never tried skiing or ice skating.....yet, ha ha. sure look good, love that pic on the swing.
Stay beautiful and have a nice day, Lee.

Doreen said...

I must agree with you that New Zealand is a very beautiful fairyland. The pace, the scenery and the people all make it a very peaceful and comfortable place to live in. So? Are you coming? Hehehehe

Now, where is my crown? Hahahahaa

Yeah, I didn’t expect such an amazing view with the price paid.

Thank you MisSmall. You know, every time I saw blue flowers I think of you and your bridal bouquet experience. LOL

Agree. We should stop watching those horror movies to prevent any more “pollution” on our minds. But, sometimes it is just hard to resist. Hehehe

It is fun travelling with friends but I would avoid travelling with too many people to some place that has a lot to do and sightseeing. Different people has different needs/tastes, so the flexibility is sort of quite limited if you know what I mean. If it is just to have a relaxing getaway, then the more the merrier!

L B:
And so creepy too~~~~ LOL

Oh yes! It has but too short. Wish we could stay a bit longer and ski/snowboard more.

Hahaha. It is not that bad lah, but I too wouldn’t want to stay on my own especially the spooky dead town is just a stone throw away!

Oh you are coming? COOL! Which part will you be in? Auckland or Christchurch? Not many people come to Wellington for studies 

You will enjoy your life here, trust me. There are a lot of adventures, beautiful sceneries and peaceful surroundings. But, I must warn you, if you’re a person who likes busy city life then you may find NZ a bit boring. A lot of my uni mates left all because they prefer a more happening city life.

If you need to know more, feel free to ask me!

If not wrong, you've been living in Canada for yonks right? And you've never tried skiing/ice skating? Well, it's never to late. Winter is on the way!

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen, hi there. Here's to share good luck with you. :)

carcar said...

what's the people 'fighting on the table'?

playing some games?

Doreen said...


Boardgame, Conquest of the Empire