Monday, December 29, 2008

Gold Coast food

I feel really bad if not writing a post about those yummy food we nah, here they are.....

Click image for enlarged version

Mama Roma Italian

Zushi Sushi

Montezuma's Mexican

Local delicacies at Swell Tavern

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oceanskies79 said...

You look very cool and pretty in the pair of sunglasses. :)

So much yummy food.

emotionalistic said...

Hehe...seems like Rick likes to post with a bottle of alcohol :P.'re making me hungry since it's near dinner :). Yummy!

JustJasmine said...

Glorious food! Can I envy your life now, Doreen? Heh heh heh :D

Chen said...

We must live life to the fullest hoh? :)

jezalmy said...

Yummy, feel want to try out all...Opps, my stomach making noise already after seeing those pics...gonna bite my finger now

kyh said...

wah yummy leh! i can only suck at canteen food. BRRRRRRR

mistipurple said...

pigi told me he enjoyed very much.
clever boy. :P
happy new year, tartan skirt gal!
all the very best for 2009 to you and rick and pigi!

Doreen said...

Aww...thank you!

LOL, you're very observant! Indeed, Rick wants to pose with every different beer that lands on his hand.

Hahahaha, yes you can! and I envy your youth! (^0^)

Doreen said...

Yes, always!

Oops, be careful gal, you don't want to ruin your pretty pretty nails! Hehehhe

Canteen food really that bad huh? I remember when I was a student, canteen food was the luxury that I could not have everyday leh. I had to pack my own sandwich. Yucks!

Hahaha, pigi enjoys every single thing that he could put into his mouth one lah. LOL.

Happy 2009 to you too Misti. *hugs*

EastCoastLife said...

So many days at Gold Coast, you only take 4 meals ah!? hehehe....

Doreen said...

Hahahaha, the rest were just those very casual and simple snacks that are not worth mentioning mah. By the way, the photos show 5 meals lah. We were at Swell Tavern twice. Hehehehe

a^ben said...

WAH~ u were at GC?! And is that sushi i see?!?!?! hahahah