Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gold Coast sunrise

This is the last post of my Gold Coast experience and I am sharing with you the different sunrises we captured at Burleigh Head through out our stay. These photos ain't come easy. We woke up at 3:30am, hanging around by the beach front for hours while feeding the mosquitoes, not once, not twice but 4 times!!

All these photos were taken by Rick, I was merely there giving my mental support, assistance and also deviating the mosquitoes. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm pleased we did get some beautiful shots but the most important thing is the time we spent together and the experience we went through (you know, like sitting in the dark feeding mosquitoes. Hahaha).

I truly enjoy beach at dawn. It is calm, it is quiet. All that is surrounding you is the song of nature i.e. the insects and waves couple with the beautiful twilight backdrop. The air you breathe is so fresh and clean that it clears your polluted mind. You feel like you have found a treasure that not many people even bother nowadays, and you have seen the true beauty of the pure and untainted earth. If you have tried it, I'm sure you know what I mean. If you haven't, well I hope these pictures give you some incentives to meet the true earth we're living.

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Kuntong said...

wow...the sunrise is so nice!
nice photos!!

Josephine said...

wah wah wah.
Are you sure the photos are taken by u?
They looked like drawings!
You have very good skills!

mistipurple said...

fantastic! tell rick those are amazing shots.
like fairylane unbelievable!
i would like to stay there forever..
that sounds so sad too. :/
take back. hahah

mistipurple said...

fairy landddddd aiyaaaa typo

emotionalistic said...

Wow. So artistic. Did you photoshop them? My favorite picture is the first one :).

jezalmy said...

This is really awesome. Really like the beach. Can be postcard and sell to people(sure good business)...haha. but i really like the way the photos describe the beauty of the earth...hope our next generation still have the chance see & play on the real beach not from the pics.

Tracy said...

Really nice photo....!It really a beatiful moment to spend time with the love one with this scenery!

oceanskies79 said...

The photographer, Rick, is a patient man. I hope you have had a meaningful time there together. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, your beautiful, well taken pics are like those in National Geographic.
You should be a free lancer for magazines....you have that unique talent and good observation and timing of capturing life's moments in your warm, and meaningful photos.

Have a happy New Year Doreen, Rick too....and stay gorgeous. Lee.

mistipurple said...

*creeps in to say night night doreen* *giggles*

may said...

your Rick sure does have a photographer's eye ;-)

Happy New 2009 Doreen, and may it bring lots of adventures and happiness to you!

EastCoastLife said...

Thanks to Rick. These are beautiful photos. What a way to end year 2008! :)

May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!! Happy year 2009 Rick and Doreen!

Not forgetting your handsome nephew and his Dad. :)

Doreen said...

Thanks for your compliments.

Haha, no those photos not taken by me, but by Rick. LOL

Why say? Fairylane, oops I mean fairyland (hahaha) is nice bah. You can be immortal and long lasting youth. Good place to stay leh.

Doreen said...

I love the first one too. Yeah, all these photos have been through some post processing of course.

Yeah, I do hope our beautiful earth can last for generations but sometimes I doubt it looking at how people destroying it. Quite sad actually.

True. No matter where you are, it is who you are with is the most important.

Doreen said...

He is patient when it comes to things he love doing. Hahahaha. Yep, we had a great time.

Uncle Lee:
Thanks Lee. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2009!

Nighty night Misti. *Pigi plants a kiss on Misti*

Doreen said...

Thank you May! May your new year be filled with joy and laughters, good health and lots of $$$$$.

Thank you ECL! That's very thoughtful of you. May you and your family have a wonderful 2009, with good health and endless happiness.

Trinity said...

waaaaaa... so beautiful!!! If there is a chance, I would love to have a trip together with you and Rick! You two are willing to 'pay the price' to get beautiful moments and scenery! I love that!

Doreen said...

You sure you want to trip with us? We woke up in weird hours and sometimes late dinner just for the sake of taking photos. I would say we are a bit crazy in this sense. Hahahaha