Monday, December 15, 2008

Gold Coast - the sun salute!

At long last, Mr. Sun has decided to show up……


And what is the best way to greet Mr. Sun in Gold Coast?

Burleigh beach, Gold Coast

Burleigh beach, Gold Coast

Yeah, like this! This is how he likes it!

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MisSmall said...

OMG, how gorgeous are these pictures!! I'm gonna kidnap your husband one of these days to be my personal photographer. Haha.

You looked INCREDIBLE in that bikini, babe. I wish I had your body!! *Seething with jealousy*

emotionalistic said...

Beautiful pictures. Luckily you managed to greet Mr.Sun and had a lot of fun :). Love your great body in bikini ;).

Arrowouiz said...

You really had a great photography ~

oceanskies79 said...

Looks like lots of fun, and it seems like you love the sunshine? :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen...its very chilly outside, -6'c, ice everywhere and I pop in here and HOLY SMOKE!
Doreen, I feel like changing to my trunks, take a running dive into that warm water....
On second thoughts, I'll sit on the beach and admire the scenery....the one in pastel blue.
Gosh're just like a Celeb from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED!
Hmmm, wonder whether NZ will accept Canadian applying for PR? Ha ha.

Stay gorgeous're sure something, *wink*. Lee.

Declan Isaac said...

keep tat nice figure. dun ruin it by ....

lusia said...

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Doreen said...

Haha, no need to kidnap, I can lend you for a week. LOL

Thanks but I don't think you want to have a body like mine, too meaty. Meat and fat at the wrong place. Muahahaha. Based on the only photo of you that I have seen, you are very slim already.

Thanks! I had a lot of fun playing with the water and sand. Hadn't done that for a while. Felt like kid once again. Ha!

Doreen said...

Yeah, it was fun! (^_^)

Yes, love the sunshine to bits. It cheers me up.

Doreen said...

Uncle Lee:
Sport Illustrated? No, no, I'm definitely nothing compared to those sexy babes in there. Their bodies are really to die for. It's kinda funny that we're here enjoying the sun and warmth while you're wrapping yourself with layers to beat the chill. You keep warm Lee.

Declan Isaac:
Don't ruin it by.....? If I got your meaning right, well I know that's why till today I'm still....Haha. But looking at you, I'm slowly changing my mind. Hehe

EastCoastLife said...

*nosebleed at Doreen's bikini photos*

How's the temperature in Gold Coast then? Hot?

Doreen said...

Thanks for stopping by.

*Quickly grab a box of tissue and help wiping off ECL's blood*

Yeah, it was hot but nice and dry. Not sweaty type of hot we have in Malaysia.

mistipurple said...

you where got fat???? nonononono you don't know what is fatz!!!! *SOB*


jezalmy said...

Like the beach, nice photos, lovely model

Doreen said...

Don't know leh, I think I got big bottom and meaty thighs. I shall be a good turkey for this Christmas. Muahahaha

Thank you for the kind words, and thanks for dropping by.

ClumsyQueen said...

Love your so much fun reading them. There're so many great pics with sufficient details to feed us hungry readers!!! (^_^)

Doreen said...

Thank you gal! Glad you like it and thanks for dropping by. (^_^)

henson said...

hello, nice to meet u ,you blog is so beautiful!!!

Trinity said...

waaaah... so did you wear a beautiful skin outfit too to have a bikini photo session? Can I buy that skin and body for me to wear? hehehehe... must be expensive and lots of exercises!

Doreen said...

Thanks for dropping by and thank you for your kind words. Happy new year!

Hahaha, beautiful skin outfit? I'm also searching for one you know. LOL