Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gold Coast theme parks - Dreamworld

Theme parks are the main attractions of Gold Coast for the young and brave. There are 5 theme parks in Gold Coast - Dreamworld, Wet 'n' Wild, White Water World, Movieworld and Sea World. From what I observed, Dreamworld is the all time favourite. Wet 'n' Wild and White Water are more popular among the locals and Europeans while Movieworld are more for Asians.

My picks were Dreamworld and Movieworld. I will talk about Dreamworld in this post and Movieworld next.

I started off the day leisurely by visiting their wildlife park to experience some native animal encounters, getting up close with the koalas, kangaroos. I then proceeded to their Tiger Island for some tiger/white tiger sighting.

Like a family portrait. Muahahahaha

I like this pic so much....the kangaroo so bad sticking out his/her tongue doing the sick face. Hahaha

At their tiger island. The white tiger so lazy hiding somewhere.

After the slow and leisure, it was time for some adrenaline boost. There are 6 thrill rides in Dreamworld which will really thrill you to the max I tell you. Their famous one is the world tallest (according to Guinness book world record) 120m free fall Giant Drop tower. Watching those victims getting dropped with their bloodcurdling scream was scary enough to put me off. My first thrill was 'The Claws' and boy was that scary! I screamed and screamed and screamed my heart out! excited!

The whole thing swings like a pendulum while spinning. *shudder*

Spot me!

My heart was pounding after the ride but I could still take some more. So I went for 'Wipe Out' next.

Look at my hair. Muahahahahaha

Bad move! If you think 'The Claws' was scary, 'Wipe Out' would literally wipe you all out! The twists and turns got me real sick. Two rides, I raised my white flag called it the day. Sigh! Age is really catching me up. Giant Drop? NO WAY! My life is too precious!

So after a long lunch break, we walked around taking some random photos.....

Got thief look like this one meh? Muahahahaha

Now my turn. I still insist I don't have a thief face. Muahahahaha

A terrible enactment. Where got people still look so happy while trying to escape? Fail, fail fail!!!!!!!

The staff brough the tiger cub out for a wee walk

We were told that we can gently pet on the tiger's back. The fur is so soft!

One great disappointment I had was the SPACE STATION on their big screen IMAX theatre. It was basically a 45 mins documentary about building the International Space Station on a big big screen narrated by Tom Cruise. A real time waster unless you miss Tom's voice OR you really have a lot of time to burn OR you want some air-conditioned comfort to chill you off.

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EastCoastLife said...

I was in DreamWorld too when I was in Gold Coast but I didn't take the rides. I was with a group of friends and they don't like kiddy stuff. :(

Josephine said...

You touched the tiger!!!
I also want!!!
Btw, how does it feel?

MisSmall said...

How cute is that tiger cub! It looks just like a big kitty!

I took photo with a white tiger a while ago and was allowed to pat the fur. Didn't feel as soft as it looked. Maybe it gets coarser as they age? Haha.

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks for the post. It reminded me of the time when I visited Dreamworld about 16 years ago.

emotionalistic said...

No more thrill rides for me. I almost fell off once during a flying carpet ride and really scare me off! -_-

mistipurple said...

dare not ..
i would have left my heart up there if i did.
rick didn't go up ah? lol.

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

i never hug a kangaroo b4 lor.. +__+

anyway, 1 more week to christmas!.. Hohoho :P

(( K@Y )) said...

family portrait, so adorable!!!!
I want to go there to take some jail photo....hahaha

keeyit said...

YOu really play that games ! i dun dare to do that...

kyh said...

oooh the cub is so kuit!! the game looks chikek leh..

Petite Lass said...

Haha, you look innocent and pretty in the "Wanted" photo. OMG, your adventure in the amusement park reminds me of my experience about a year back. I don't think I will ever get on those rides again hehe. You are bold!

Doreen said...

LOL, those are not kiddy stuff leh, got some retirees took those ride also. Then what did you guys do there? Just strolling around?

Haha, yeah. It felt really soft and nice. Wish I could touch the grown up tiger then can compare.

Yeah, definitely to do with age. My dog used to have really soft and nice fur when she was small, but now coarser.

Doreen said...

Wow, 16 years ago? It must have changed a lot. You should go back one day.

What? You almost felt off? How come? No safety belt? That's really scary!

hahaha, Misti you're funny as always. Nah, Rick didn't go up. He is only keen in taking pics (actually he is not into those rides, wuss? shh~~~)

Rick said...

Rick where got time to do the ride? If did the ride then Doreen would have no pics to show for liao lor. Rick is no wuss!

Doreen said...

They're quite cute and gentle, but I was also quite worrying about being kick. Hahaha. Yeah, Christmas is fast approaching. Wish you have a nice one.

(( K@Y )):
Hahaha, yeah it was fun. You can take it with Pearly!

Yeah, but not all of them. Some of them are too much for me to take. Hahaha

Haha, ya loh, the cub so cute. I so wanted to hug him. Those rides quite chikek. I didn't dare to take some of them.

mistipurple said...

hahhahaa. rick replied! you both are too cute. love ya!

Doreen said...

You said I biased didn't reply your comment, ok I reply lah. Thanks for dropping by and since when you've become my blog fan har? Muahahahahaa Happy birthday my dear.

Hahahahaha, don't know since when he started reading my blog also and claims to be my No.1 fan wor! Muahahahahaha

mistipurple said...

*roll on laughing still*
happy birthday rick, a new fan of doreen's, hahaa.
wish you all good things and everlasting happiness with pretty doreen.

Doreen said...

Hahahaha *rolling while laughing with Misti*

Thanks Misti. Muaks!

Declan Isaac said...

I love wipeout . I hope i still love it though. took quite a few wipeout rides when i was there - some 10 yrs back. haha ... now i dun think my heart can take it.

LEon said...

That really looks fun esp the baby tiger and you touch it!!

ClumsyQueen said...

OMG!!! The tiger cub and koalas and kangaroos are so cute.
Btw...funny pics!!!

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
Hehehe, may be you should go try again?

Yeah, wish I could cuddle him. So cute!

Hahaha, glad you enjoyed the pics. Thanks for dropping by.

Chen said...

Nice hoh cuddling the koala bear :)

Age is catching up with me too. I don't think i want to try any of those thrill ride again. I have thrill rides several times already in Genting Highlands in the past :)

Doreen the horse thief, how many horse u stole in the past? :P

And wah....... u actually pet the tiger cub :)

Doreen said...

Yes, my first time seeing a koala bear, and they're very "kuai". I so want to bring them home.

I only stole one horse, but that was the PM's horse! (O_O)!! Muahahaha