Monday, January 19, 2009

Back from a road trip

Just came back from a 5 days 4 nights Southland Otago road trip. We (actually Rick was driving all the time lah) drove a total of 1050 kms.

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Details and pictures coming out soon!

Another road trip again this weekend.

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jezalmy said...

War, 1050kms. Must me nice trip. Will become the 5D4N Southland Otago Road Trip fan

Doreen said...

Yeah, it was a nice trip albeit little tired especially for Rick.

Josephine said...

Have a safe trip! Happy CNY ya!

emotionalistic said...

Nice. Enjoy yourself ya ;).

Petite Lass said...

Aw,...what a nice way to start off 2009! I wish I could go on a vacation too. *Envy envy*

Chen said...

welcome back Doreen. Wah, another road trip again this weekend? CNY woh. Where r u heading to? :)

Doreen said...

Thanks! Happy CNY to you too.

Will do sweetie!

Petite Lass:
Hey, you've done quite a few trips already. I should be the one being envy. Hehehe

Yeah, CNY here just like any ordinary day one lah. Not much celebration, no bak gua, no cakes, no cookies and all. Heading to south again, this time around the Canterbury area.