Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Southland Otago road trip: Dunedin-Alexandra-Wanaka

UPDATE: more pics

Arrived into Dunedin at around 4pm, picked up the rental car and off we go.

Our first destination was Wanaka, famous for it's beautiful lake front scenery. A 43-km lake blessed with picturesque alpine panorama. It has been ranked in the top 10 of the world's most romantic getaway destinations (Published by Life Books, Dream Destinations: 100 of the World's Best Vacations).

I've been there once long time ago during autumn and it was stunningly charming. We were however, not very impressed this time round. The lake looked pretty ordinary and dull. Summer is obviously not the right time to visit Wanaka I suppose. The lake is only at it's best in autumn. To make matter worst, the time constraint we had is not at all helping in photo taking. We hope to make another visit this autumn if time permitted.

Saw these hay drums on the way......

A "pee" stop

We had a wee stop at Alexandra

Historic bridge

Alexandra township. This is it, pretty small isn't it?

But they have clock on the hill!

We arrived Wanaka in the late afternoon.

We were out till dusk (9.30pm) and could only have a subway takeaway for dinner. The lady was real nice to let us in. We were their last customers of the day! (^_~)V

Another attraction of Wanaka, Puzzle World which offers many fun illusion designs that will certainly amaze you. We didn't go in this time as been there done that previously.

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mistipurple said...

it's nice to travel without a care in the world! two person world. very romantic. :)

Arrowouiz said...

You really good in capture ... Why are you so talent in photo ?

keeyit said...

The last picture is quite cute wor...

MisSmall said...

Of course I wouldn't expect anything less than beautiful pictures from each of your trips, and you (and your talented hubby) never failed to deliver. :)

That historic bridge is out-of-this-world gorgeous! Look at the turquoise water!! It looks like snapshot from Lord of the Rings. Haha.

Oh how I miss road trips!! *Jealous*

oceanskies79 said...

Puzzle World looks interesting to me.

DK said...

Wanaka looks like a nice place. The sky is beautiful.

Declan Isaac said...

eh logo @ puzzlingworld had been changed! :p

Anonymous said...

What a free tour here...haha. If I have a chance holiday there, I'm sure I will visit the historic bridge

Petite Lass said...

Nice trip you have had eh? Puzzle World looks cute! =D

kyh said...

it's very beautiful there... i love the bridge and the big water wheel!

gong xi fa cai, doreen! :D

mistipurple said...

happy lunar new year, doreen and rick. to more travels this ox year! yeah! to pigi too, more dancing on one foot, lol.

MisSmall said...

Happy Chinese New Year, hun!

Josephine said...

I like the pee stop and the puzzle world

Doreen said...

Yeah, but there were some arguments too. Guess that's considered part of the package. Hahaha

Haha, most of the pics were taken by Rick.

The whole building is very cute indeed!

Doreen said...

Thanks sweetie. The road trip is actually pretty tiring as we were kind of rushing the way through.

Yes, I thought you might be keen on the Puzzle World. It seems like the place you would like to explore. :)

It is even beautiful in Autumn!

Doreen said...

Declan Isaac:
It has changed? I didn't notice. May be I wasn't really paying much attention the last time I was there. Hehehehe

The historic bridge is a charmer, isn't it? The bridge and the turquoise river makes such a great composition together!

Petite Lass:
I like the colours, so bright and cartoon-y

Doreen said...

Gong xi fa cai! May this Ox brings you lots of A+s!

Hahahaha, misti you're always so funny. Thanks. Happy new year to you too! Gong xi fa cai, my ang pow leh? Hehehehe

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Hope the year of Ox would bring you endless luck!

You like the pee stop? That's quite unusual. But I must say the public toilet is in really good condition. Got toilet paper somemore. Hehehe

oceanskies79 said...

Happy Chinese New Year. Wishing you prosperity and good health.

EastCoastLife said...

How lovely!! I want to visit this place!
Puzzle World looks cool!

Happy Lunar New Year, Doreen and Rick!!

Doreen said...

Thanks! Same goes to you.

Yeah, quick go book your next holiday here! Hehehehe.

Happy Lunar New Year to you too, and your family.