Monday, January 05, 2009

Lavender Creek revisit

Back dated post: 29/12/2008

2nd time! We were there a year ago, and we made another trip up this time not just to indulge in the beautiful sea or purple and taking picture, but also to get some lavenders for our garden.

The farm has since undergone some facelift. They've put made a nice garden with a beautiful gazebo! A perfect setting for a romantic wedding!

The new gazebo

Sea of purple

I love lavender. I love the sense, the colour and the look. Lavender relaxes me. We have about 30 lavender plants on our front yard, planted a good 2 years ago. They are Stoechas Major which is one of the species you could easily find in those garden shops in town. After our first trip to the lavender farm a year ago, we fall in love with those that have long stem, tiny leaves and beautiful purple flowers at the top of leafless stems. Simply elegant!

Stoechas Major in our garden

Lavender Creek sells at least 5 different species at a very reasonable price. After talking to the people there, we decided on Pacific Blue, which is also the species they planted in one of their farms. We snap up all four plants they've got left.

Pacific blue we bought

They look kinda hideous I know. They're still very very young. In a year or two, they will blossom into gorgeous lavender just like this:

Pacific Blue

Arhhhh~~~~~how beautiful.........

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EastCoastLife said...

Wow! How beautiful!!
Does the air smell good when the wind blows?
Lavender cannot survive in Singapore. :(

mistipurple said...

very beautiful. pacific blue looks so purplish too. i likey!

emotionalistic said...

Lovely pictures. It reminds me of the Lavender shower gel I bought 5 years ago :D.

Trinity said...

wah.. I have lavender but not this beautiful! heehe...

oceanskies79 said...

Lavender is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Calvin Soo KJ said... love to be in your shoes. id spend hours there for photography. btw, 1st time here. got it from josephine's. cheers and god bless.. :)

jezalmy said...

I try to plant my first lavender (seeds brought from market) but no matter how I try is fail. I guess maybe is the weather here not suitable for the purple baby

Josephine said...

Very beautiful, very PURPLE...

When I was there, do u feel sleepy?
hahaha, cos I use Lavender oil to help me fall asleep...

mistipurple said...

pigi slept in your garden. hehehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, one thing about the climate in NZ, plants grow well....unlike here we get short Summers. But still get beautiful plants.
I too love lavender, some growing wild next to my car park. Love their scent too.
Nice pics, Doreen. Have fun, best regards, Lee.

Petite Lass said...

Beautiful place! How lovely =)

Doreen said...

Er....actually hor, there's not much smell. I could only smell them when I get closer. May be the wind not strong enough?

Yeah, I like the colour too!

Did you feel asleep once your showered? Hehehehe

I think need to trim regularly to get the beautiful bloom. Mine ones also like shrub.

My pleasure (^_^)

Calvin Soo KJ:
Thanks for dropping by Calvin!

Must the weather. Actually you don't really need seed at all if you could find a mature lavender plant. You can just cut one of the stem off and plant it straight. But it requires a lot of nurturing in the early days.

Hahaha, lavender smell makes me sleepy too. It is such an effective "sleeping pills" but the smell ain't that strong in the farm.

He sleeps, eats, plays then back to sleeps and eats, plays then over and over. Muahahahaha

Uncle Lee:
Yes, I must say weather here is really good for planting. It is mild and gentle. My next plan is to plant some veges. Hehehe

Petite Lass:
It is and the people there very friendly too.

kyh said...

*make mental notes to get married at this beautiful place* KKKKK!

Lavender rox!!!

Mei-Wah said...

wow, beautiful lavenders indeed! :) all i ever saw was cheap plastic lavenders sold in shopping complexes. no chance for lavender to grow in malaysia.