Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dinner at Whitby

I mentioned I love buffet. I love the variety of food and most importantly I can eat freely without worrying about the bill. All I need to worry about is how much to put on my plate, what to try, when to stop. Muahahahahaha

Here is our big feast today, buffet at Whitby restaurant! Definitely the best way to kick start the year of 2009!

Believe it! All these are in my stomach right now....I feel so stuffed!

Rick's main target was prawnsssssssssssssssssssssss

My choice of desserts

What I wore today

You have no idea how full I am right now. Gosh, definitely going to have simple rice+vege dinner for the whole of next week!

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emotionalistic said...

Very pretty blue dress you have there. And did you realized that the color of your dress matches the blue bottle and glasses on the table? Even three of other guests in the first picture were wearing blue. It's a BLUE day i guess :).

mistipurple said...

hehehe very full neh. pigi told me if he ate another morsel he will burst. hhaah.

JustJasmine said...

This Sunday, I'm gonna get a free buffet at Sheraton Hotel!

It's my turn to experience what you just experienced.

Hope I dont go home with bloated tummy ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, you simply look alluringly sensational in that blue dress.
There's a town called 'Whitby' just a few miles East of us here. do you keep the beautiful trim figure of yours when you live to eat? *Wink*
The food looks absolutely delicious and love the ambiance.
You guys sure know your food, ha ha.
Have a great weekend, Doreen, best regards, Lee.

jezalmy said...

slurp slurp....the dessert look tasty. Must force my hubby bring me go buffet. So long never have already

oceanskies79 said...

This sounds like a very satifying buffet. :)

Arrowouiz said...

I really love your hair !!! Beside , the meals was not much ... If for me , it will be double !! That why I become fater and fater ! Haha

Doreen said...

Hahaha, true! I didn't realise the guests' outfit till you mentioned it. You're very observant!

Hahahaha. Yeah, a drip of water I would have burst too! Muahahahha

Wow, free? Is it to do with your carol thing? Must go with very very empty stomach then. Hope you would share about the food there. Enjoy!

Josephine said...

I love buffets too. But I hate it when my stomach is bloated up.

vialentino said...

hi really can eat a lot. i like the dessert as well...yummy ler

Doreen said...

Uncle Lee:
Thanks Lee! We have got a suburb called Whitby too, not about 10 mins drive from my house. How coincidental.

May be a buffet treat this weekend? (^_^)

It is a very satiated meal!

Double!?!? Wow! You're a super eater and yet still look slim. You must have a super high metabolism!

Haha, yeah me too. Every thing comes with a side effect huh?

Hahahaha, yeah I think I can eat really a lot if I allow myself to.

Petite Lass said...

Sllluurrrppp. Wish I were you hehe.