Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lost and found

I lost my earring. (-_-) One of my favourite. I even have a matching ring.

I looked, and looked in every corner at home....nothing found. (-_-)

Very depressed. It was the last pair in the shop when I chanced upon them.

The one left looks so lonely without the other half. Really sad.........both the earring and I (T_T)

This morning, I got to my office and found an earring stud sitting on my desk, between the phone and keyboard. (^_^)

I was excited and hopeful again. I looked around the floor, the kitchen and ladies room. To my disappointment, nothing found (again!). (-_-)

Very depressed (yet again!) (-_-)(-_-)

I told myself to let it go and moved on. So I did. I carried on working like a mad dog. (@_@)

Hours later, I reached to my IN tray, lo and behold, (0_0) the beautiful purple rose was staring right at me! \(^O^)/

My eyes sparkled like never before (*_*)! Poor thing has been stuck there for one whole night. I can't explain how it got there. Sometimes, strange thing happens for no reason.

After a night of separation, they are now happily reunited. (^_^)

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emotionalistic said...

You are very lucky, gal:). Such pretty earrings. If I lost it, I will be heart broken too.

nic said...

haha.. sometimes things will appear if u dun look for them anymore...

but.. im more interested in how it got into yr in tray... aint that.. mysterious??!?!

Petite Lass said... cute!
It can be really strange how things happen to you. But this one has a happy ending =D

Josephine said...

Very nice ear rings!
Purple roses!

Hey I have sent u something. Check it out from my blog ya.

take care...

jezalmy said...

Pity to the other half, not bring home by mummy. Actually yesterday I also face same case like you but this time I am not the one who aware it, was my hubby. I received his call in the evening and asked me is it i got a pair of green color earing and he found out at the road (outside the door gate)..haha

Arrowouiz said...

Lucikly you find it out !! very cute ~

mistipurple said...

your earring decided to take a walk around the office, but since it can only take earring steps, as opposed to baby steps, it couldn't catch up with you when you left for home.


cc of Quaint Melody said...

I know that familiar feeling, of loosing something you treasure and love, then finding it again. It's a great sense of happiness that's hard to describe. Hey, I went to gold coast around the same time as you too! ;)
Happy New Year! :D

(( K@Y )) said...

That is strange but I am glad you found it. Remind me of the time my mum lost one of her earring and I found it at Pearly's potty area.....ewww...yea...

Chen said...

luckily u manage to find it. The poor purple rose must be crying there the whole night waiting for someone to rescue her :P