Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Southland Otago road trip: Wanaka-Lake Hawea-Clyde-Cromwell-Queenstown

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Leaving early morning, driving from Wanaka to Queenstown. Pies for quick brekkie.

with a detour to Lake Hawea,

then stopping over at Clyde to admire the hydro dam.....

Clyde little township

Scrumptious lunch at Cromwell

A stroll along Arrowtown, former gold mining town about 20 mins drive from Queenstown. The town is still well preserved with beautiful character buildings along the main street. You can still enjoy the fun of gold panning here, and who knows you might just get lucky! I would have gone for it if I had some spare time to kill.


and reaching Queenstown at around 2pm. More about Queenstown next.

Meanwhile, here is a video clip from Clyde to Arrowtown. Enjoy!

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MisSmall said...

I think I've rediscovered the beauty of NZ through your pictures! ^_^

keeyit said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi.
Angpow Mari.

I m back to KL lol. Will start work on Friday.
Happy CNY :hug:

oceanskies79 said...

You have some very nice photos. Looks like you have enjoyed yourself? When is a good time of the year to visit New Zealand?

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

yoi yoi.. happi chinese niu year! good health n good luck :)

mistipurple said...

the sceneries are great.
you look fantastic, and i would like to have a bite of that scrumptious sandwich! :D

Josephine said...

wah! Very nice place loh!
I stay at home only, did not go anywhere during CNY...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doreen, I always enjoy looking at your beautiful well taken pics. Like looking at National Geographic as well Voge mag, ha ha.
Can see NZ has lots of Native names, like Canada.

By the way, does Rick like fishing as I read NZ has good fishing?

Doreen, you sure look real good in your pics...always!
You are a photographers dream, always photogenic.
Have a great Ox year Doreen, best regards to both of you, kong hei fatt choy, Lee.

kyh said...

wah very beautiful. I like, esp the ones on the fields... :)

the pies and sandwiches look delicious leh~

Doreen said...

Seems like you've been here before? When did you visit NZ?

Haha, thanks! No ang pao this year. Economy recession mah. Hahaha

Spring (Oct-Nov) and autumn (March-May) would be the best time. I personally prefer autumn as weather can be rather crazy and unpredictable in spring. Summer here too hot, and winter is cold and wet.

Doreen said...

Thank you and same goes to you!

Haha, you can take as many bites as you want dearie.

Stay home, goyang kaki while spending time with family is good also bah.

Doreen said...

Uncle Lee:
Nah, Rich not into fishing. He doesn't like any sports/pass time to do with water at all. LOL

Haha, I like those pies and sandwiches too. But too bad, I couldn't finish the sandwiches. It was a big plate and we were all too full.

EastCoastLife said...

Wow! Cowboy country. hehehe.....

This place is so stunning. I don't mind living here. :)